Letter : It only took 18 Days

Letter to the Editor

The following letter was submitted by Mark Brown of “CitizensFirst”

We’re getting a new Treasurer down at City Hall.

And our new Captain of Money, the Treasurer, will likely be steering Sault Ste. Marie’s financial ship for the next 20-30 years.

This is a very important selection, to be sure, and we should probably be taking our time with this one.

But yesterday, it was reported, by Sault Star reporter Elaine Della-Mattia, that CAO Fratesi said, “the decision could come as early as the end of the next week”, only three and a half weeks after City Council issued the order, at their February 9th City Council meeting, to start looking for our new Captain of Money by way of an ‘internal’ selection from a strong list of at least four qualified candidates who currently work down at City Hall..

But that wasn’t quite true.

This morning, February 27, 2015, I spoke with CAO Fratesi to see if he was interested in collecting the ‘A) Continue to let CAO Fratesi help select the new Captain of Money, from behind closed doors…’ responses to the survey of Citizens that I have been conducting because I want to hear from all citizens, not just the citizens who want City Council to wait.

Guess what he said.

CAO Fratesi told me that not only is he not interested in lending credibility to my survey to let City Council know what we citizens want them to do. He also told me, “the Selection Committee has arrived at it’s decision”, and, “the matter is on the Council Agenda”, and all City Councillors know who the selection is.

Wow, this selection committee is good!

Exactly 18 days after the selection committee was charged with the responsibility of hiring the next Chief Money person at City Hall, they have their successful candidate.

I’m sure I recently saw an ad for a Caretaker down at City Hall that took much longer than 18 days to fill, no disrespect to Caretakers.

Hmmmm, Caretakers at City Hall: at least a month to hire. The Captain of Money at City Hall for the next 20-30 years: 18 Days.

Well, CAO Fratesi may think that he has HIS, and Mayor Provenzano’s, and Commissioner of HR Niro’s preferred Captain of Money, but it’s not Official until City Council approves the recommendation at the next City Council meeting on March 9th, 2015.

That gives us Sault citizens ten days to make sure that City Council doesn’t accept the recommendation, AND that they wait for the next CAO to begin a brand new EXTERNAL selection process which invites internal candidates to apply as well.

The successful candidate should have no problem putting themselves up against external competition. And the other candidates who were not successful with CAO Fratesi’s involvement may also want to re-apply.

Ten days.

So lets start with those of you who want Our City Council to wait.

Email [email protected] with the WAIT in the subject line, and tell all your likeminded friends and relatives to email [email protected] too.

And if you’re talking to your friends and relatives who don’t use email you can email [email protected] for them with their:
1) Name, including middle name (for verification purposes), AND
2) Address, or phone number

We only have ten days. This is not a done deal.

CAO Fratesi has exercised all the power he has in his possession by pounding this important selection through. He has overstepped his bounds as CAO by, as he said to me, “putting the selection on the Agenda”, because the Agenda Review Committee does not meet until next Tuesday March 2nd to OFFICIALLY approve Agenda Items, and he has broken every rule of confidentiality by revealing the selection to people who are outside of the Selection Committee… the City Councillors.

But that’s just par for the course for CAO Fratesi.

Ten days.

Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Email [email protected] to help make City Council wait and begin a process with the new CAO that gets our City the best person for the job in the whole wide world.

Mark Brown,
[email protected]


  1. LOL Allan 🙂 and thank you, Craig, for posting this LTE. I appreciate it very much.

    If saultOnline readers DON’T want to email [email protected] directly, then you can go to the ‘Saultites’ Facebook Page ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/sault/ ), and put a ‘COMMENT’ as to whether you want our City Council to:

    A) Let CAO FRATESI recommend the next CAO’s Treasurer, or
    B) Wait, and let the new CAO recommend his/her own Treasurer

    I look forward to hearing from all citizens.

    Mark Brown
    [email protected]

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