Mark Brown vs Mayor Provenzano


Ward 5 resident Mark Brown was once again shot down to talk to council due to the lack of support from council members to address concerns from the one time candidate for council.

Brown wanted to speak once again about the appointment process of the the CAO position and two other matters, but council and the Mayor did not allow Brown to speak out of procedure.

Brown issued a letter this morning about the incident and cited a article back when Provenzano was running for Mayor

This morning, Brown issued the following release:

During the election the headline would have read:

“Provenzano: Mark Should Have Been Allowed To Speak”*** or “Christian wants to give people like Mark the chance to be heard”***

But, sadly, the election is over, and our own bright, shiny, caring, wise, and seemingly accessible, open & transparent Mayor Provenzano has proven himself to be just another one of those run-of-the-mill, two-faced politicians, at least when it comes to giving a “concerned resident the opportunity to speak to an important local issue.”***

Here is the campaign promise that our Mayor Provenzano broke at last night’s city council meeting, for the second time in two consecutive city council meetings:

“If I am elected Mayor on October 27th, 2014, I will make sure that [INSERT CONCERNED LOCAL RESIDENT WANTING TO SPEAK TO IMPORTANT LOCAL ISSUE’S NAME HERE] has the opportunity to speak, if she would still like that opportunity. [S/HE] has a right to be heard and elected leaders have a responsibility to listen.” ~ then Mayoral Candidate Provenzano, October 2, 2014

This is really disappointing for me because Mayor Provenzano was saying and doing ALL of the right things. I really thought that he could have been Prime Minister one day. Today, not so much.

I guess the real question I have is why is it sooooo important to Mayor Provenzano to break a solemn campaign promise to let citizens be heard, and listened to, by our City Council, and by doing that risk an incredibly promising political career just so he can let the CAO Selection Committee make a closed door decision about who the Executive Search Firm will be who will help us pick the next CAO?

Why does our once promising Mayor Provenzano want to hide the names of the Executive Search companies who submitted RFPs?

Could it be that one of those Executive Search companies who submitted an RFP is head and shoulders above the rest, and is NOT one of the original eight(8) Executive Search Firms which Senior City Staff recommended to INVITE to submit an RFP?

Even if it isn’t, we won’t know any time soon because by the time my Freedom of Information Request to find out the Names, and other non-proprietary information about each and every one of the Executive Search Firms who submitted an RFP gets released the CAO will probably already have been picked.

Or, our promising Mayor Provenzano can redeem himself in my eyes and release the Names, and names only, of all of the Executive Search Firm RFP participants to the public for all of us to see.

After all, Mayor Provenzano is the only City Council member who KNOWS the names of all of the RFP participants.

What say you Mayor Provenzano?

In any case, I will leave you with last night’s wise words of Councillor Paul Christian, “In the absence of information people become skeptical.”

I look forward to hearing your answer, or continued silence, at this crossroads in your career Mayor Provenzano.

Will you choose to go left, spiralling ever downward, or will you go forward choosing the path of openness and light?

Mark Brown
Citizen of Sault Ste. Marie

P.S. Please, City Clerk White, consider this my official Freedom of Information Request to get all of the non-proprietary information about each and every CAO Executive Search Consultant RFP submitted by the March 6th deadline. I would like you to release all of the RFPs in a redacted form so as not to release any proprietary information that might be contained in any of the RFPs.

P.P.S. I would suggest to you City Clerk White that you get this information in my hands by 10:00 AM on March 31, 2015, and before the Agenda Review Committee meets to decide who will be listed on the City Council Agenda at the April 6, 2015 meeting of City Council. Please do this as quickly and efficiently as you are able, Clerk White, so that you can demonstrate your mastery of your current City Clerk position when you apply to become our next CAO


  1. Dear Mr. Brown

    please look at this specific sentence of this article “Brown wanted to speak once again about the appointment process of the the CAO position and two other matters, but council and the Mayor did not allow Brown to speak out of procedure.”

    Perhaps if you follow proper procedure rather then interrupt the city council meeting you would be given the chance to be heard.

    Just a thought Mr. Brown

    • Hi Derek,

      That is what you got from this article Derek? That saultOnline claims that I didn’t follow procedure?

      What about the fact that Mayor Provenzano has BROKEN HIS CAMPAIGN PROMISE TO LET CITIZENS SPEAK TO ISSUES OF LOCAL IMPORTANCE AT CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS when they follow procedure, just like I did last night ( Procedure By-law 2013-100 Section 24.9 🙂

      Please don’t shoot the messenger Derek. Mayor Provenzano has been the author of his own fate by not keeping his campaign promise to let people like Deanna, you and I speak to our City council at a council meeting.

      I am simply giving Mayor Provenzano the opportunity to hold himself accountable to his own firmly held convictions which helped him to get elected in the first place.

      Thanks for your input Derek.


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