Mark Brown’s Opinion


In an interview with Mark Brown he tells us that the only thing that he dislikes about the process of choosing the new CAO, is the closed door meetings. Trust isn’t an issue as far as he is concerned, he just wants people to know what is happening, if they choose to get involved in civic matters.

There was two parts to today’s meeting, the first being open and the second closed. He doesn’t agree with the format. If there is nothing to hide , then it should be open to the public.

Following the meeting Brown sent out this letter,

Dear Mayor Provenzano and CAO Selection Committee City Council Members,

Thank you for granting me five minutes to address the CAO Selection Committee, Mr. Mayor, I appreciated it very much.

As you know, Mayor Provenzano, I was there to to ask you five members of City Council who sit on the CAO Selection Committee to keep the selection of our next CAO totally and completely open and transparent so that no citizen of Sault Ste. Marie will ever have any doubt whatsoever that THIS CAO selection has been done totally and completely fairly.

As the five of you well know, that is not the impression that many of our fellow Sault citizens have of the last CAO selection process, however wrong or right that impression may be.

I hope the five of you can understand my extreme disappointment when you voted unanimously to keep the selection of the Executive Search Firm, who will play a vital role in the eventual selection of our next CAO , completely behind closed doors.

An Executive Search Firm selection process that has already gone from opening the RFPs on March 9th from behind closed doors, to the short-listing of the qualifying Executive Search Firm candidates from behind closed doors, and which will now be handed over to the potentially closed door “RFP Evaluation sub-Committee Task Force” who will choose from amongst the short-listed RFPs, to finally picking the successful Executive Search Firm which will be recommended to City Council by City Staff on the CAO Selection Committee’s behalf.

Closed door from end to end so far.

Rather than being a completely Open and Transparent process, which I’m pretty sure City Council authorized you to conduct, the first stage of the selection of our next CAO will have been conducted completely from behind closed doors.

Here we go again.

Citizens will talk.

Citizens will wonder.

Citizens will convince themselves that something nefarious happened here today.

Nothing good can come of this completely closed door process which you took five minutes (my address to the Committee), and 12 seconds to Move, Second and Unanimously Approve.

I urge you, CAO Selection Committee Members, to reconsider your decisions of March 4th, and today, March 19th, to have this Executive Search Firm selection process be conducted completely from behind closed doors.

Please make it completely Open and Transparent by having ALL of the RFPs available for public viewing, and have ALL of the meetings where each RFP is compared to the other RFPs be completely open to the public and the Media to attend.

Nothing bad can come of being completely open and transparent.

There really is no down side to openness.

I look forward to you completely opening up this process as it has always been intended to be.

Mark Brown
Citizen of Sault Ste. Marie

P.S. Can I please attend all the meetings of the “RFP Evaluation sub-Committee Task Force”, in silence, with a few of my media friends? Please advise before the first meeting of the “RFP Evaluation sub-Committee Task Force”.
Mark Brown