More Horses Seized From Local Ranch


Circle H ranch is in the news again all for the wrong reasons. On Thursday afternoon, the regional branch of the OSPCA in Sudbury allegedly removed several other horses from the ranch located on Case Road.

Calls to the OSPCA in Sudbury were not answered on Friday. The local Humane Society is not involved in this seizure.

The ranch on Thursday of this week. No horses were seen on the property
The ranch on Thursday of this week. No horses were seen on the property

The ranch is owned and operated by Rebbecca Hurley who was charged in 2012 with a number of offenses surrounding animal cruelty. Most of those charges were dropped however Hurley was found guilty in January 2015 on a lessor charge. She is awaiting a sentencing hearing.

The charge stemmed from an earlier investigation from the local Humane Society.  Circle H provided pony rides and sleigh rides for various local events in past years.

In 2012, The OSPCA and the Humane Society removed 11 horses that they believed were not being properly taken care of. Several other animals were also removed including cats and an elderly dog that was destroyed.

The horses were never returned to Hurley who could not raise the money needed to get them back.

It is not known why the Regional Branch of the OSPCA seized more animals or on what grounds. is working on this story and will update when more information becomes available.

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  1. Wonder why the owners of the horses have not been notified? She had one of mine wanted to keep both… Kept all my tack. Police were involved with no help. I would very much like to know the whereabouts of my horse please??? Apparently they don’t hang horse thieves anymore and if they had this would have been dealt with in 2001. The reason why I pulled my daughters horse was because they got out in the road and one got hit, and then shot where she was after crawling on what was left of her 2 front legs…after this incident and after taking the one horse, I wasn’t so lucky with mine but she did try to stop me from taking both. No worries if she reads this… She will know exactly who I am… Yes Rebecca I would love to testify against you!

  2. “Several other animals were also removed including cats and an elderly dog that was destroyed.” What a gross misuse of the word destroyed…

    • The horses will be sent to a safe and undisclosed place chosen by yhe OSPCA, where they will be looked after properly…No worries, nothing bad will happen to them! 🙂

  3. When will people who neglect and abuse animals actually be held accountable and NOT be given the opportunity to inflict more suffering? There needs to be an animal abuse offenders list with current addresses so these people can be checked on that they do not have ANY more animals.

  4. One thing to keep in mind is that there is no longer an animal abuse prevention control officer in the Soo! Can you believe that?? If you have a report of abuse our local humane society has to wait for someone to come from Sudbury! And they don’t hurry. It is sad, and unacceptable. Call the humane society and ask if there is someone that can come check on a suspected case of animal abuse. You will get the same story I did, nope, no longer have one locally, have to wait for one to come from Sudbury. Despicable!

  5. Before people talk this place down they should find out what’s real and what isn’t just because they took the animals away dosnt mean they are guilty of what acused off… and stop listening to family members who want to take anger out on family

    • Have you been there and seen the travesty?
      They are more than justified in what they are doing by removing the poor animals from there.
      These people should not be allowed to own animals ever again.
      It’s nothing short of sickening.

  6. Another prime example of how little this city does nothing to enforce animal cruelty laws and how ineffective our humane society is at doing anything about everything. The only solutions they ever impliment when it comes to the extreme amount of abuse and neglect in this city is to euthanize hundreds ( if not thousands) of animals per year and lie about it to the community. That or they consistently hand over unaltered, neglected animals back to their abusive irresponsible owners continuing on with cycle of abuse that shames our city every single day. The director & this cities complete failure to enforce spay, nueter, & animal neglect & abuse laws is a complete disgrace to this community. To bad taag isnt funded or supported at all by the city because maybe then they’d be able to handle cases like this, since they are the only organization doing anything whatsoever to save the hundreds of abused and neglected animals in SSM. I am quite sure the dogs and cats got euthanized not because they couldnt be saved but because hs doesn’t think their life is worth saving. Shame on them, and shame on anyone who stands by watching it happen and does nothing.

    • Our Humane Society does all it can and they have to answer to other offices. They are not equipped to deal with horses here as they don’t have facilities…Sudbury does. After all of the threats and abuse that the animal control officers here take, I don’t blame them for not having one any longer. Having bricks thrown through their windows and being verbally and physically assaulted is not something any person should have to deal with.
      As for saying TAAG should be involved and given more responsibility? Are you kidding me? They may have good hearts but certainly aren’t equipped to deal with even what they have. They couldn’t even answer the phone repetitively when someone was trying to donate to them. They just aren’t equipped, period. Good intentions only go so far.
      So those who slam our local SPCA, think about how much they have to deal with and the crap they have to take with them when they go home. It is a hard job, heart breaking, time consuming and then insulting when they have to wait on another office to act. Those people want to save lives and want to see punishments dealt out to those who neglect and abuse animals. If you want to blame someone, BLAME THE COURTS! It is the courts decisions to give abusers nothing but a slap and hand them back their animals. When this kind of thing goes to the court room, SHOW UP and get involved.

      • TAAG has no means of dealing with any of this. When it comes to the law. TAAG has no legal authority to act on any allegations of abuse to animals. The authority lies with spca or the humane society. This local group spays and neuters cats and dogs to the tune of 36000.00 a year. So TAAG who has not one paid employee and is run solely by vintners. Certainly does do all it can in rescuing animals from peril

  7. If our local humane society ever got off their asses and did their jobs, this would have been dealt with OVER A DECADE AGO when the horrific conditions were originally reported.
    This is DISGUSTING, but I am SO HAPPY that things are actually getting done, and these poor animals no longer have to suffer.
    Thank you to our regional office for stepping up and doing the work that our own shelter didn’t do.

  8. Thank you, Craig, for continuing to cover these stories. Our animal rights laws are pitiful at best. We need to follow countries in Europe in stepping out of the 19th century and into the 21st.

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