OMB Decision: Pointes Protection Association “Back To Business”

Peter and Jan Gagnon, members of the Pointe Protection Association, share their reaction to the recent OMB decision that spared the Pointe Louise wetland. But now that the fight seems to be over what’s next for the PPA that united to save their beloved wetland?
In his final decision, OMB Chairman states of Gagnon’s role in the hearing that, “In reaching this decision the Board has preferred the evidence of the respondents, and particularly that of Peter Gagnon. Notwithstanding all the resources available to the Applicants and the City Planning Department, Mr. Gagnon did what no land use planner called by the Applicants did: he took the City’s Drainage and Elevation Overview (Exhibit 51A) depicting the extent of the wetlands on the Subject Lands and created a transparent overlay of the draft plan of subdivision. With this overlay he alone was able to calculate the loss of wetlands from the proposed development.”