Opinion: Pothole City – Sault Ste. Marie


IMG_4454The accompanying photos are pics from different parts of our city that are full of potholes. These are areas that motorists should either avoid or drive carefully by. The ones on 2nd Line near John St. were just repaired and are slowly returning to terrible.
While this city spends money on Leash Free Dog Parks, Esposito park, the new artificial ice surfaces, and widening 2nd Line East, our roads are deteriorating. I for one am ashamed of the condition they are in.

IMG_4457In an interview with our former mayor, Debbie Amaroso, we were discussing the roads in our city and she defended her position by stating that I should have a look at the roads in Sudbury before I complain about ours. I am not concerned about their roads, I care about the condition of ours and the multitude of damage that they are causing to our cars and the amount of money that we have to spend to repair them.

The areas in the photos are just 4 areas, but almost all of our city roads are full of potholes.
Mayor Provenzano and City Council, please put our tax dollars where they are really needed, and that is our infrastructure.




  1. Be careful out there! If you hit one of these potholes the city won’t pay for the damage. My wife’s car tire was mangled last year and they wouldn’t pay up, even after the boss at the office for road repairs admitted to knowing about the giant pothole! If they seen it they should have marked it with a cone or blocked the lane. It was filled in 12 hours later. Good luck to everyone this spring!!!

  2. I don’t know that City budget’s can be that black-and-white… spend on THIS, not THAT. There’s no reason we should have to choose amongst a number of projects that all are worthy.

    That fact is that, in this region, given our climate, potholes are inevitable. Until the freeze-thaw cycles cease and the frost leaves the ground, we will continue to experience potholes and watermain breaks.

    I give credit to the City, they have been out regularly applying hot patches to the potholes. Admittedly, these are not permanent, but they do help. And yes, just as one pothole is patched another opens. But in another month or so, we will be done with potholes until next Spring.

    • You have to be kidding me. I have been living in “this ” region for over 60 years and the roads have never been as terrible as they have been in the last few years. Just because we live in “this ” region, doesn’t mean that we have to put up with the horrendous condition of our roads. Just like we budget for snow removal, we should budget for repairing the roads and if there is enough money left over, then we could have the extras. No I don’t give credit to the City because they are making the wrong decisions.

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