Probably Not a Good Idea..


SNOWMOBILE-2A viewer sends in these photos taken yesterday near Gros Cap. No doubt snowmobiling enthusiasts love to get out while they still can, but at this time of year that fun activity could end up being fatal.

Charlie Lamble who took the photos said “I thought you could make a warning with these brave souls on their last Braap down the channel. Notice the open water in the lower right 30 ft from the first sled. Taken from Gros Cap.
And then there goes the icebreaker.”

Weather forecast indicate some snow for today but warming temperatures into next week.

OPP remind people every

At this time of year ice conditions are beginning to deteriorate quickly. OPP are cautioning all persons venturing out on area lakes to be extremely cautious.
There is a lot of slush on the lakes, ice conditions vary day to day and within different areas of the lake or river and are unpredictable.
Open water incidents leave little in the way of a second chance.
Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back.
Snowmobilers need to have safety equipment with them every time they head out on the lakes and know how to use them, such as a throw rope and ice picks.
If you do not know the local ice conditions extreme caution is recommended.
Riding responsibly is a personal choice that must be made every time someone starts up their snowmachine. Snowmobilers must use common sense and exercise caution. It could be a life or death decision.

Spring that ice can be deceiving.