Seeing My Own Shadow


I am proud to say that I have never punctured a K-Cup in my kitchen. You won’t ever see one of those infernal machines on my counter. It’s not because I’m an environmental activist. In fact, I’m one of those people who still buys styrofoam plates, because I hate doing dishes; hate it just that much. Someday I will probably get spray painted by an environmental radical in the parking lot of a Walmart, for my wicked ways. So, I can’t claim to have known that K-Cups were evil, so why did I avoid them? Well because I am cheap!

That’s a problem, because the vast majority of these little cups are made of plastic. Some are officially considered biodegradable, but most are not. Keurig has committed to making every K-Cup environmentally friendly by 2020, but how many little cups will that add up to, before the tidal wave subsides? It has become a verified phenomenon in Canadian households, almost a ‘right of passage’ for suburban dwellers to have one of these machines proudly displayed on their kitchen counters. In fact, you can be considered ‘uncool’ if you don’t have one of these things. So, how many destructive little plastic thingies will invade the earth, before this craze blows over?

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