Should Daylight Savings Time Be Abolished?


An Ann Arbor Michigan State Representative has introduced legislation to end daylight savings time.   Jeff Irwin Michigan representative says, “It’s an idea that’s outlived its usefulness”

Irwin is not alone on this move, several other states have also pushed to abolish the time shift including Alaska, Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, Florida, Mississippi, Texas,  and South Dakota.

There’s Canadian politicians also liking the idea, MLA Jacquie Fenske, who represents Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville, has tabled a petition in the Alberta legislature asking the government to repeal the Daylight Saving Time Act.

If by chance Michigan ends daylight savings time, Ontario would likely follow, “The best reason to keep doing it is because we always do it and our neighbours do it. This is something we all have to talk about together. I’m hoping some folks in Ontario start talking about it as well,” Irwin said. “Let’s just pick one and stick to it. If we like the later summer evenings, let’s pick that one and stick with it.” Irwin told CBC news.

What do you think? Should we end the practice? Is it still useful in today’s world?

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  1. It won’t hurt my feelings if they give up daylight saving time. Always thought it was kinda stupid anyway. As for which one would I choose to keep, I would stay with DST but Saskatchewan would probably not go along, as they never adopted DST anyway…Just my opinion…

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