If there could be a word that would generally described my previous week, bliss would not be anywhere in the conversation. This week, my husband referred to me as a number of the seven dwarfs, plus a few extra. Grumpy and sleepy topped the list, for sure.

I locked myself out of my office for hours, chugged to the gas station, almost running out of gas, while constantly saying that I would fuel up right after this next errand, almost missed the payroll deductions deadline, spilled food down my shirt, at least three times, almost slipped and fell twice, putting my back out of alignment, woke up with night terrors several nights, drank a can of Coca Cola, for energy, that ended up keeping me awake for 22 hours straight and didn’t know if I was coming or going.

Sometimes life has a way of throwing a wrench into our perfectly organized plans and letting us know that we really don’t have any control over anything.

As much as I would usually describe myself as extremely organized, with tendencies towards obsessive compulsive disorder, I could not get a handle on anything this week.

My car was filled with things that needed to be dropped off, mailed, returned or washed. As a matter of fact, I just remembered that I have 12 pairs of boot liners in my trunk that need washing… I had papers, receipts, bills and mail overloading my computer bag. I have used every pair of black and grey dress pants that I fit, and all need washing. The dishes are piled in the sink in front of me and my coffee, which I brewed in the Keurig this morning, is still sitting full in the machine.

Despite all of that, I am actually feeling quite peaceful right now. I have learned that it is the special moments, the times of joy and experiences of bliss that make life more meaningful. I have learned that my house always needs cleaning, even when I just spend hours doing it last week. I have learned that there will always be errands, lists, tasks and items that need my attention and action.

It took me; however, over four decades, to figure out that when we can choose to appreciate the times that really matter, we have discovered the key to living fully.

Malcolm1(1)Tonight, at the end of my crazy week, I sat in a beautiful restaurant, having a candle lit dinner with my daughter, my husband and my handsome grandson. I got to hold him endlessly, stare into his eyes, watch his pouty lip and listen to his baby whimpers. I looked over at my beautiful daughter and realized how great of a mother she is and how gracefully she is handling motherhood. My heart felt full as I closed my eyes lovingly as I looked over at my husband and was thankful we were all together to experience some quality time together.

When we arrived home, we were greeted by the cutest and fluffiest looking racoon looking into our patio door. Even though my husband knew he was likely up to no good and about to rip apart the cover on our bbq, I couldn’t help but feel happy that he had stopped by for a visit.

Life is full of a hundred reasons for us to be miserable, angry, disappointed and confused. It also; however, gives us so many opportunities to express, feel and cherish things to be grateful for.

I still haven’t figured out how to make all of life’s stressors go away, how to fix pain that people are feeling or how to end the series of disappointments that plague our lives, but I do know that we are given an abundance of chances to take in what is really important, what brings us happiness and what fills our heart with peace.

I hope that you can stop the chaos in your own world, for a few moments a week, to truly feel blessed for the things that are good.

I am off to have a warm bubble bath with candles and soft music, watch a slideshow of my favourite nature photos, crawl into my husband’s loving arms, in our warm, cozy bed and wake up whenever my body feels like it. I get one day this week, without having to worry about an alarm and I may just stay there all day…

What brings you bliss? What makes your heart smile?

‘Success is realizing the true joy and wonder of life can only be yours if you follow your own intuition, aiming to achieve your bliss.’ ~ Steven Redhead