Thank You


I have a tendency to wake up in the morning with a heavy list of things to do and life stressors, weighing on my mind. With the thought of all of life’s complications and pending tasks, I sometimes feel overwhelmed.

With the health issues my husband had endured over the previous few years, there were days when we could barely get past the words cancer, colon surgery, bulging discs, back surgery, gangrenous appendix, infections, broken leg, leg surgery, c dificile or chemo before being frozen with dread about the situations at hand.

When I am exhausted from the unfairness of life, on top of the list of items that I can’t seem to get checked off my ‘to do’ list, there are days when my body becomes worn down and I get sick, at the most inconvenient times.

When we have so much on our plate, that is screaming for our attention and we are being pulled in so many directions, it is easy to rhyme off all of the things that are wrong with our lives and the world.

With all of life’s hurdles, over the years though, I have learned two of the most powerful words in the English language – ‘thank you’.

Even though it may seem odd to utter ‘thank you’, when we are in the midst of trying challenges, it is quite amazing how they seem to shift the energy and dynamic of any situation.

Sometimes the most amazing, wonderful and precious things are born out of difficult circumstances and all it takes is for us to appreciate something small that is going well around us.

Thank you that my husband has now been back to full duties at work, for over 4 months. Thank you that he is now playing hockey again, even though he insists he ‘still doesn’t have his legs back’. Thank you that he is passing all of his ‘routine check-ups’ with flying colours.

Thank you that when my vehicle is covered in snow, I realize I have a car, when others don’t. Thank you that when I have so much to do, it is because I have meaningful work, when others don’t.

Thank you that I have extra weight on my body because of all the delicious food that I eat, that others don’t have. Thank you that I can stay home when sick, when others can’t.

Thank you for beautiful images to take photos of, in any given day, even when life is complicated. Thank you for the most adorable bundle of a grandson who has made the safe journey into our lives.

My heart is full with the realization of all that is good. I feel blessed, I feel appreciation and I feel determined with the knowledge that I get to choose what to focus my attention and energy on. I can look at any situation, in any direction that I decide.

Today, I decide gratitude, even when I am down and out with a nasty cold. On that note, I am off to blow my nose.

“It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.” ~ Author Unknown