Three Suspects at Large


On the 20th of March 2015 at 3:46am, police were flagged down by a male on Albert Street West. Upon speaking with this male it was discovered that he had been jumped by three males in an alley way behind Gore Street.

The victim advised that he was walking through the alley way towards Albert Street East when he was approached by three males. The first suspect struck him with his forearm knocking him to the ground; the two other suspects held a knife to the side of his neck while he was on the ground and searched his pockets. Nothing was taken from the victim. The victim fought back and eventually knocked the knife from the hand of one of the suspects. While doing so he did get a small cut on his left upper wrist. The three suspects fled the area on foot.

The suspects are described as follows; the first male is native 5’9″ husky build wearing a black leather jacket and a ball cap, the second male was native 5’9″ average build wearing a red hoodie and the third suspect was described as being caucasian 5’9 average build, no clothing description.


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