To Conservation Authority Board: “Take Care of Housekeeping” (Also- Bonus Transcript from Pointes OMB Hearing)


Dr. Bryan Dumanski appeared before the Conservation Authority Board to request of the new regime that “a wrong be set right”. About 10 or so individuals turned out to support Dumanski. All left the building expressing dismay that the fresh faced Board recruits appeared poorly informed and unprepared to pose questions about the presentation that addressed perhaps the most contentious issues faced by the Conservation Authority and the City of Sault Ste. Marie.

Monday night, and on the heels of an announcement issued by developer Jeff Avery to appeal a decision made by the Ontario Municipal Board against his proposed development on a wetland- a development approved by the former Conservation Authority Board, Dumanski sought to have the resolutions passed three years ago by the Board which approved the proposed Pointe Estates development, rescinded.

According to Dumanski, as well as a former Conservation Authority Board member- Frank Manzo, the resolutions were not only crafted in secrecy but were also illegal.

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