WoodCarving 101….Projects for The Ages


20150316_195230Who doesn’t love woodcarving? Even the smell of woodcarving is divine. Earthy.Woodsy.Smokey. Such is the whiff that one is lured by when finding out the goings’ on in a large room at The Seniors Centre on Bay St. The WoodBeeCarvers, made up of members from in and around Sault Ste.Marie,come together to work on a variety of projects in various stages of completion, at The Bay St. location of Sault Senior Services.

Taken together, the WoodBeeCarvers represent a diverse style, wood resources used, artistic expression and functionality. Wood carving as art, or as a treasured box, a walking stick. These are just some of the possibilities one can discover through woodcarving. Walking sticks are a highly sought after commodity of late. Boomers are really digging them. For good reason. Staying upright is the goal. Being gifted with a hand carved wooden box with exquisite markings of wildlife is a treasure to last the test of time.


20150316_202933WoodBeeCarvers meet at 7:00 pm, Monday evening, save for holidays etc. The club was established in 1986 by Phil Brennan(deceased) and woodcarving friends. Sue Hall,Rick Nystedt,Jean Grant-Rose,Gerald Blink,John Speers and Dan Speers all were busy at work on projects on Monday at The Sault Seniors Centre, Bay St.

The group of woodcarvers all share a passion for creative expression through carving, and continue to do so, mostly as a recreational pursuit. Some members of WoodBeeCarvers are open to parting with projects, and will sell them from time-to-time. Travelling to woodcarving shows and gatherings, in Canada and The U.S., is a common denominator for many woodcarving folks. It’s a place to share and grow in skills, gather ideas, and meet up with kindred spirits.

Woodcarved creations begin in the natural world. Woodcarvers head out to wild places to collect their resources. Diamond Willow, Basswood, Poplar, Pine, Mahogony, Walnut, Birch, Birdseye Maple. Divulging the Google map coordinates of a good diamond willow,or birdseye maple location would be akin to sharing the secret of your grandmothers favourite scone recipe. It’s shared with very few. Woodcarving tools vary in size ,technique useage ,sharpness, travelling all the way down to sandpaper and buffing materials.


TheWoodBeeCarvers, are eager to welcome new members, and would share knowledge and expertise to all who wish to learn, or grow in their creative woodcarving. One things for certain, you’ll love the woodsy aroma , and the whiff of the natural world.

If you’re a woodcarving rookie, or experienced in the craft, you’re invited to join the collective, WoodBeeCarvers. For more information, contact:
Jerry Gasparetto at 705-759-8144
or email Richard Nystedt [email protected]