A Few Guys Need To Step Up


Sault Singles is looking for a few good men for their April 25th Spring Speed Dating event. The women’s tickets have almost sold out, but the men’s tickets need to move more quickly.

“We want the guys to know what a great opportunity this is to get to know eligible women using a fun, [efficient] speed dating method. Some guys think that speed dating might be intimidating – but it is just the opposite. They will have real conversations with 10 eligible women in person! This is much more effective than chatting with questionable partners on the internet or shouting over loud music in a bar because you actually get to know the person you are talking to,” says Beth Barban, founder of Sault Singles.

When you arrive at the event in the lounge, you register and pick up your name tag and kit which includes a complimentary drink ticket, a $10 gift certificate for the spa and your starting table number. When the speed dating starts, you go to your assigned table and meet your first date of the night. Each table has a collection of questions selected to start conversations about personal interests, lifestyle and personality. “It’s better than small talk, but is not an interview or a test. The questions are not designed to steer conversation to IQ or how much money you make. The goal is to have fun and meet someone that you would like to spend more time with.”

Each mini-date lasts 7 minutes before you go to the next date and you get a seven-minute date with every woman or man in your age group. If you meet someone you like, you can ask them out on another date or have Sault Singles facilitate that for you.

After the speed dating is over the event continues with a singles’ party in the licensed lounge at Mane Street Salon and Spa with live music and the hockey game on the television for those interested in the playoffs. There are two age groups speed dating simultaneously, participants will have an opportunity to meet singles from both age groups at the after party.

The Speed Dating event is Saturday, April 25th at 8:00 p.m. in the lounge at Mane Street Salon and Spa at 626 Queen Street East in the Square One Mall in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Tickets can be purchased in advance on www.eventbrite.com and are $40 for women and $20 for men. Questions can be emailed to Sault Singles at [email protected]

The April 25th event is for ages 20 to 52. There has also been a large amount of interest from men over 52 and women over the age of 47. A future event is being considered for other age groups and orientations.


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