A Number of Thefts in 24 Hours

Police Theft

On the 29th of April 2015 a report was received of a theft from a vehicle that had been parked on Spadina Avenue overnight. A small knife, spark plugs and change were taken from the vehicle.

On the 29th of April a theft from a trailer on Rowell Avenue was reported. Items taken include 2 Bostitch air nailers, a Dewalt air compress, a Dewalt cordless saw, and a Dewalt cordless sawzall.

On the 29th of April a Champion 1200CC generator, yellow in colour, was reported stolen from a worksite in the downtown area.

Yesterday afternoon City Police received a report of a theft from a residence. A homeowner was working in their backyard. Sometime later the homeowner went to retrieve an item from her purse and found that her driver’s licence, health card and social insurance card were missing. A further check revealed that a 12 to 14 inch gold chain, a gold wedding band with three diamonds and a gold engagement band with three diamonds was also missing.

Now that the weather is getting nicer, the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service would like to remind homeowners that they should lock their doors if they are working outside and cannot see the entrances to the home. Do not leave your purse or wallet right inside an entranceway where they are visible. While you are busy working on cleaning up your house, a thief can easily enter your home and clean out your valuables. Taking a few moments to crime proof your home can save you hours replacing documents, not to mention the heartbreak of losing cherished items.