Algoma Public Health Board Reassured by KPMG Forensic Report

Algoma Public Health

The Algoma Board of Health received the final report of the KPMG forensic review at its regularly scheduled Board of Health meeting today.

The review was commissioned by the Board of Health on January 23, 2015 in response to concerns surrounding financial management and the safeguarding of employee information.

“The Board was very reassured by the KPMG findings,” says Mr. Bruni, Chair of Algoma Public Health. “Specifically, we understand that based on the procedures carried out within the scope of the review, there were no findings of inappropriate spending or personal benefit to a specified individual and no findings of inappropriate access to personal or banking information,” he adds.

The KPMG report is for the internal use of APH and as per the terms of engagement between KPMG and APH, its disclosure is restricted to APH.

Respecting these terms of engagement with KPMG, Algoma Public Health is committed to the principles of transparency and accountability and the Board passed a motion tonight committing to communicate on this matter with the public.

“We want to make sure there is timely communication with APH staff, constituent municipalities, and local and provincial partners,” states Bruni. “We are still awaiting the results from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term care audit and assessment, but in the meantime we want to communicate as much as we can as soon as we can,” he explains.

Mr. Bruni said that the Board and management of APH are committed to ensuring appropriate internal controls and financial oversight and are engaged in ongoing process reviews.