Asylum Country… Unbelievable Entertainment

Asylum Country

Tammy Says,

Asylum Country… Unbelievable Entertainment this weekend at Rednecks Saloon!

Asylum Country delivered a concert in memory of Mike Case that would do anyone proud! Homegrown Star Tyson Hanes, traveled a long way to pay tribute to the man he says “Shaped his Career & Love of music.” Mike’s son Drummer TJ invited the artist, whom he considers family, to help pay tribute to the legacy that is… Case’s Music!

Mike Case was a man made up of Greatness. It is no surprise that Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario is in a time of Great Sorrow. Devastated & Grieving, we are reeling over the loss of a truly amazing human being. He loved his calling & all the responsibilities that came with it. He devoted his life to his gift, MUSIC! He is revered, and he has earned the respect given to him by so many. We must take note, because a soul like his is not easy to come by. Saying Goodbye will personal journey for us all., Mike will receive tribute from the masses whether it be, a moment of silence, a prayer, or a flag at half staff,. His music and his gifting will live on for generations!

Tyson Hanes gave an amazing performance vocally & on guitar. I would go as far as to say there is a Keith Urban feel to his music! His performance was filled with tons of furniture climbing & crowd interaction. Tyson left the Sault to pursue his career on a national level a few years ago. He continues to stay true to his roots here, by remaining an original member of the band, & making special appearances. His Love for music lead him in the direction of Nashville, and when asked why he was leaving he went on record saying “I really would like to start pushing song writing so artists could play more of their original material,” he said. “When you play in a bar, and it’s understandable, everybody wants to hear what they know. They want to sing along. But it would also be nice to be able to throw your own music in there to see if it works.”

Terry Eaton & Larry Nelson were in on the fun with plenty of banter & backup. The partnership they display on stage is unshakable, a bond of brothers! They are quite flexible with a long repertoire of songs to choose from, keeping them fresh all night! It is also evident that they play their instruments & and enjoy performing just as much as the audience does listening & dancing.

TJ Case, words can’t describe you! Your goal was a tribute to your Dad & you certainly achieved that! Your natural ability both instrumental & vocally pumps up the crowd. There is a love inside you for music, talent, and artistry that reflects your father’s eyes! Your signature “Wide Swing” on drums is one of the most unique things I have ever witnessed. Getting lost in the beat is as natural to you as breathing. You bring so much presence to the stage, your energy palpable & contagious! Thank you for allowing me the honor of delivering the speech I wrote in honor of your Dad, it was a great experience & a great opportunity.

When asked what song TJ Case thought best honored his father his response was:

“One Hell of a Man” by, Brantley Gilbert
“Yeah he went out 21 guns blazin
An’ that’s One Hell of an Amen
That’s the only way to go
Fightin’ the good fight
Til the Good Lord calls you home
And so be well my friend
Til’ I see you again
This is our last goodbye
But it’s a Hell of an Amen

Asylum Country people… Tune in to Country 104.3 Monday morning to hear these guys! A must listen by a long shot!

Written by, Tammy Semande Haman
Edits by, Audrey Marshall