Birth Certificates Are Now Harder to Forge and Easier to Verify


04-15-15 PolymerBC-Front Starting today, Ontarians will be issued a polymer birth certificate when applying for a newborn child or replacing their current birth certificate, announced David Orazietti, Minister of Government and Consumer Services.

The new polymer birth certificates, unveiled at an event last month, feature innovative security features, making them difficult to counterfeit and easier to verify.

“The new polymer birth certificates are one of the many steps our government is taking to improve personal security and reduce fraud in Ontario,” said Orazietti. “Your birth certificate is a vital identity document and needs to be protected. Our new design and advanced security features will provide Ontarians with a more durable, secure piece of identification.”

The polymer material used in the new birth certificates is the same material the Bank of Canada uses for bank notes. It’s a tested, proven material that nearly every other province and territory use for their birth certificates.

04-15-15 PolymerBC-BackOntario’s new birth certificates will have numerous embedded security features making them easier to verify, including raised print, transparent windows and colour-shifting images.

This is one of a number of measures ServiceOntario is taking to improve personal security and reduce fraud and identity theft, which hurt individuals, businesses, taxpayers and the economy. Birth certificates are important documents used to get other forms of identification and need to be safeguarded.

Birth certificates that were already issued are still valid and do not need to be replaced.

The cost of ordering a birth certificate does not change.