City Wants Chilly Willy’s Gone in Favour of Sudbury Outfit

Jody Wilson at Chilly Willy's in 2014.

After months of controversy last Spring surrounding the bar and grill located at the John Rhodes Centre,  City staff are recommending  a Sudbury firm take over the space.

On Monday City Staff will recommend Two Pizza and Wings Bar & Grill to move in and Jody Wilson and Chilly Willy’s to move out – along with 15 employees.

That news isn’t sitting well with Wilson, who has operated Chilly Willy’s for the last several years and had his lease extended to the end of the current hockey season. His lease expired in September 2014 but was extended to May 1, 2015.

The City received three proposals in total but the Sudbury firm scored highest by an evaluation committee.  City Staff want to see a five year lease signed with Two Pizza and Wings Bar & Grill that will see close to $60,000 annually to the city.

Council will have to weigh its options whether to kick out a local establishment for an out of town business, though the Sudbury firm proposes much higher revenue to the city. The proponents also operate other municipal concession facilities in Markham and Ajax Ontario as well as restaurants in Sudbury and Newmarket.

Last year the City was exploring an idea of relocating the Churchill Plaza library into the space with huge renovation costs however public support put pressure on council to keep a bar and grill at the location.




  1. So we are going to kick a local business out of this space and replace it with a new company from out of town so the city can make an extra 60,000$ a year from this deal. HEY SSM council remember you fools where going to put a library in there. lol So just cause this landed in your lap you say screw the local guy its not like him or the 15 other people that are employed there dont have family’s to feed and bills to pay. If we want to talk about how to save money or make money how about we stop paying have the fools that run this city 100,000$ and more we complain all the time half this citys on welfare no half this citys over paid and everyone else has to scrap ends meat to just get by. Well heres another 15 people or more to join the unemployed system keep it up SSM your doing a great job so far.

  2. B.S.!!! Keep our LOCAL businesses!!! We should be striving towards self sufficiency!! We could be booming if we shopped small and local! Enough with money going to other cities!

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