Cloud Bandits clean steal


Written by Tammy Semande Haman
Photos by, Audrey Marshall

The Esquire Club hosted a back to back Championship Performance by the Cloud Bandits!

Professional is the first word that comes to mind, followed up by pure entertainment! Priding themselves on their Respect for Music, & Loyalty to one another as band mates, is what makes them such heavy hitters in the Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario Music scene. Ritualistically, throughout the night the Bandits check their equipment and dutifully stay on top of tuning, lighting, & amazing sound! Every one a key factor in an awesome performance. Their shows always have a concert like feeling, & often it is the crowd in need of a break, long before the excellent musicians have hit their stride!

Knowing their audience is an element that the men have nailed down and continue to make a priority. When the flow is going and the iron is hot they strike hard & deliver to the point where their fingers are almost bleeding, voices are at full tilt, and exhaustion is starting to set in. Requests are noted & performed, and fans are on a first name basis. Always willing to take a few photos & shoot the breeze gives their fans a warm feeling of approach-ability! The clubs beloved Butch Vincent was invited on stage for his traditional rendition of Alice cooper’s ” Baby if you wanna be my Lover”! There is no doubt that the crowds will continue to come on out!

The last song of the evening was “Closing time” by Semisonic! The only band in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario that performs the 1999 record breaking song! Thank you boys for filling that personal request from us, I am so glad it was added to the repertoire. Sixteen years ago it was a cult phenomenon that sent everyone home at the end of an awesome Saturday night. The Resurrection of the song was long overdue & it is simply brilliant to harness the power of the past, & the nostalgic feeling it induces! The repeated phrase “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” is attributed to the Roman philosopher, Seneca the Younger. Closing time is simply the kindest way to say time to go home friends!
Good Stuff Guys,