Disabled Sault Woman Feels Pressured to Choose: Housing or Human Rights


A lot can happen in one week. Last week, Valerie Belsito was facing imminent homelessness when a situation of rent arrears quickly spiraled out of control and other factors associated with Sault Ste. Marie Housing Corporation policies were muddled. Today, Valerie has a choice on the table that includes a stay in the eviction notice issued two weeks ago and a reinstatement of her social housing subsidy. But Valerie is conflicted by the terms of the offer. With time ticking down Valerie feels that her choice is Housing or Human Rights.

But the settlement comes with conditions that do not sit well with Valerie.

The agreement includes a condition that Valerie withdraw or dismiss a complaint filed with the Human Rights Tribunal. This matter, though contentious, was not mentioned in the Northern Hoot’s previous article written about Valerie’s impending homelessness, for the simple reason that the two issues seemed to be separate of one another.

And Valerie thinks so too.

“My Human Rights complaint has nothing to do with the eviction. It’s about the way I’ve been treated and the way my kids have been treated for years.”

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  1. It took everything for me not to comment but I will, I don’t dispute an amount is owed but tell me a proper figure…..$105, 511, 5440, 10448 now 6500, these figures went up and down for over a year and still no accountability of how these amounts were calculated, when a large portion was presented to ssmhc I was told to hold onto it as they wanted to have meeting, 2 weeks later an eviction..read northern hoots 2 stories, doug millroy in sault star plus the whole story is not told but majority is..ps living with family or shelter not an option for a disabled person, already thought it out 🙂

  2. It is a shame that she is going thru this and no one is willing to help her.What is this world coming to when a helpless person like Valerie may have no place to live,because of her disability or money issues.We as a community should help those less fortunate because who knows what can happen to anyone of us in her situation and have no one to help.If she has problems getting a place on her own then she should find someone else and share a place and expenses. I am not related to her and I used to live in the Soo but if I was still there,I do not mind having her as roommate.If any one reads this and knows her,maybe she can contact me on facebook or email me

  3. Well she obviously owes the money, they don’t just give you housing arrears for no reason …. This story truly doesnt bother me because there is a reason behind what they did , and that much arrears is because of something that’s been going on a long time , and it strictly states in their application you will be Evicted or whatever other measures they take if you lie about income ! Best of luck tho, instead of being “homeless” live with your family or a woman’s shelter !

    • I’m not speaking in regards to that , I’m speaking in regards to there is obviously a reason why she owes arrears and that’s clearly Her fault. Ya she will loose her place to live but it’s got nothing to do with housing vindictively doing it to her …. So you should t tell me I don’t have a clue until you read my response propwrly Before replying I nowhere said anything about blackmail and bribery 🙂

  4. You don’t get nothing for nothing in this world.. Sounds like housing made a lot of changes in her house to accommodate her condition and are now willing to let her stay( no idea if payback is involved and don’t care). I would have to think a lot of pressure was applied somewhere to keep her house and she should be happy about it, not thinking about biting the hand that feeds her, so to speak. Playing by the rules in the first place would have avoided all this…

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