Do That…


There is a part of me that decided, years ago, it was important to be prepared. I am actually talking about being prepared for dying. I know this sounds morbid or horrible to some people but I suppose that witnessing many people losing their lives in accidents or incidents in my past, it is something that I have given a lot of thought to.

When I go on a trip, I always make sure that the file folder with important documents is easy to find. When talking with loved ones, I mention what I want them to do if I die. When I am in the midst of getting organized I often say that I have left something a certain way, in case something ever happened to me. I don’t want my family to be left with a mess to deal with, if I suddenly disappeared.

When I was at a funeral recently, I explained to my family that I never want people to stand around, in a bleak and boring place, feeling sad about me dying. I asked that, when I died, to ensure that photos and quotes from my Facebook page are shared with everyone, as a reminder of the thousands of beautiful scenes, moments, memories, words and places that have brought joy to my heart.

I would want people to gather outside, somewhere in nature, overlooking a beautiful landscape or body of water and simply ask everyone to share something they are grateful for.

I actually thought about creating a place where families and friends could gather, that is heartwarming and joyful and peaceful and serene, to celebrate the lives of loved ones who have transitioned to the next great adventure. Kind of like a funeral home, in Utopia.

I happened upon part of a movie, one time, where people who were dying were brought into a room, at their request, with a 360 degree movie screen that played gorgeous and awe inspiring images, pleasant videos of their lives and soul reaching music. The experience brought the person to tears of elation. It was in that moment that the individual then pressed a button where they would receive a medication that put them to sleep – permanently.

A bit shocked by what happened, in the movie, I wondered what the world would be like if such an option was available. I know that laws are changing around this topic, but it was certainly something that made me ponder, after quickly changing the channel.

I suppose that a life celebration, when someone passes away, is contrary to the beliefs that so many people have about dying. It can be a scary topic for most, because it can bring up so much pain and heartache.
I realize that the reason that I think so much about death is that I think so much about life. I question all aspects of life, relationships, experiences, family and the world. I reflect, I journal, I read and I study about the meaning of life, my purpose, our mission on this earth and what happens after.

As a result, it makes me think about what kind of an impression I want to leave on the planet. Will I have made a difference when I die? Will I have had an impact? Will it matter if I was ever here, or not?

The reality of having such awareness about death is that it keeps reminding me to truly live my life and soak in as many adventures as I can. It prompts me to get outside and explore. I nudges me to pay attention to the sunset or a charming image and pull over, to capture it in a photo.

Death allows me to remember not to take advantage of time, because time can be cut short, in an instant.
If and when I die, I want people to be inspired to live their life fully, to remember that I lived as if I was full speed ahead, on an amazing adventure around the planet – because I am.

What is next? What peaceful scene can I capture? Where can I find beauty in my day? What is good about life?
Since there are so much things that are hard and difficult and painful and stressful about our lives, at least we can seek out and find something that brings us a brief moment of happiness.

What is your bliss? What brings a smile to your face?

Do that…

‘Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming – “WOW – What a Ride!’ ~ Author Unknown