Don’t Freak Out If You Wake To Snow Wednesday


Mother Nature sure likes to mix things up doesn’t she? After a two week stint of above normal temperatures, enough to melt away the remaining memories of winter in Sault Ste. Marie, an upper level disturbance and a slow moving one at that, could drop as much as 2 to 5cm of snow Tuesday night into Wednesday.

That’s the forecast from both , Environment Canada and the National Weather Service stateside .

Weather for Wednesday April 22
Weather for Wednesday April 22

Temperatures have already started to plummet since yesterday but you’ll really feel the cold coupled with moderate winds from the North West – and just like in Winter, it creates a windchill.

On Wednesday the high temperature is forecast to be 0c but feeling more like -13c  The good news is the precip is likely wet snow, meaning it won’t stick for long and temperatures will begin to rebound to “normal” values by the weekend.

Snow at the end of April or even the beginning of May is common for these parts.

There was still 8cm on the ground on this date in 1982, the most snow to fall on this date was in 2011 – a year that Spring arrived at the end of February. In 2011 about 1.2 cm fell and quickly melted.

The lowest temperature recorded in Sault Ste. Marie on this date was in 1981 when the temperature fell to -8.5c while the warmest temperature recorded was in 1985 with a summer feeling temperature of 22.7c.

The forecast calls for double digit temperatures and the return of sun for next week.



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