Episode IV The Prefill. May The Froth Be With You

Festival of Beer 2015

Festival of Beer, Episode IV had some serious suds going on. A tremendous turnout could be seen enjoying  funky named Craft Beers at The Canadian Bushplane Museum. With names like Underdog Pale Ale, Ransack The Universe, Breaking Bitter, Lug Tread, The Radler, Prison Break Pilsner, Chelmsford Station, Heller Highwater, Toil and Trouble, Black Blessing Stout, Spring Thaw, Detour,Pottsworth Maple Breakfast Stout, The Whitty Travelor, Ol Woody AltBier, Skull Rock Stout, Saturday Night Cream Ale, Steamwhistle, Cranberry Mead, Jacked Rabbit, Old North Mocha Porter, Firehouse Amber, Fire in the Rye Pale Ale, Dark Horse Stout, Centurion. Just to name a few.

Festival of Beer 2015Craft Beer microbreweries, create recipes that have gone way beyond hops, barley, oats, wheat, and yeast as the usual ingredients list. There are more and more  options becoming available throughout our region at liquour and beer stores, as microbrews become the primary choice for beer drinkers. 24 Brewing companies took part in The Festival of Beers at The Canadian Bushplane Museum in the Sault April 24,25th,2015. The crowds were definitely turning out for this unique opportunity to check out  microbreweries and the beverage options they offer.

Rob Majury from Stack Brewing was showcasing the Stack beers at Festival of Beer. “Stack Brewing is two years old, with a current craft beer list of 10 different  microbrews.  Les Portes de L’Enfer is an award winning beer taking Gold at the recent Ontario Craft Brewers Awards.” shared Rob Majury. “Stack  also took Bronze at The Canadian Craft Brewers Awards Event.”

Festival of Beer 2015Stack Brewing is  based out of Sudbury, Ontario. “Stack beers can be found in LCBO locations, restaurants, and bars. Saturday Night Pale Ale was recently launched at the LCBO.”, said Rob.

OutSpoken Brewing is also from Northern Ontario. This local Sault Ste. Marie brewery can be found on Queen St. E. and is the of Vaughn Alexander and Graham Atkinson.

Ontario Craft Brewers, OCB has currently identified approximately 75 operating breweries in Ontario (likely understated by 10 or more) and another 25 contract brewers, both of whom receive manufacturing licenses from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). The contract brewers brew their product at the operating breweries. Almost 50 of these companies are currently members of Ontario Craft Brewers and the association is adding news members at the rate of two or three per month. (fact sheet,Ontario Craft Brewers)

Fun facts. In 1825,the first glass beer bottles were produced at Mallory Glassworks. And in 1831, Thomas Dalton of Kingston,Ontario sold his brewery business to Thomas Molson.

Start planning a spring craft beer party.  June 12-25, 2015 is Ontario Craft Beer Week.  Brought to you by The Ontario Craft Brewers. You’re welcome. Cheers. May The Froth Be With You.

For information about The Ontario Craft Brewers: www.ontariocraftbrewers.com

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