Hercules Draws Quite a Bit of Attention

Reader Submitted
Reader Submitted
Reader Submitted

For the past two days numerous Sault residents have witnessed a Royal Canadian Air Force Hercules aircraft circling over the city. As reported by another news source early today, there was apparently intermittent signals detected from a residential area in the North end of the city which prompted a search operation. Although the Royal Canadian Air Force advises that no distress signals found to be involved and that the case was closed, a SaultOnline reader continued to witness activity into the early afternoon.

“The big planes have been circling… a few minutes before I texted you I was sitting here on the phone and saw two people on orange parachutes coming down… startling… they went into the bush northeast of yard…”

Several minutes later the reader further commented, “Planes kept going… then at about 12:12 two other things were dropped… they sort of fluttered on the way down… I couldn’t get a photo”.

It is not know whether the RCAF Hercules took the opportunity for a training exercise or if there may be more to the story. We will provide any updates should they become available.



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