High School Sweethearts Score a Touchdown

Tim & Lindsay Young Wedding

Tim & Lindsay Young WeddingWhile driving on Second Line West near Superior Heights school yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice a City Transit bus ahead which appeared to have fallen victim to a practical joke. The bus was adorned with graffiti on every window except the front windshield. My curiosity got the best of me and I followed it into the parking lot of Superior Heights where it came to a stop at the entrance to the school’s field.

As it turns out, Bawating High School sweethearts Tim Young and his new bride Lindsay Young (Everitt) were celebrating their wedding by creating memories with a unique photo shoot. Brandon Printess of B Printess Photography later explained how Tim and Lindsay came up with the idea after reminiscing over fond memories of Tim playing football for the Bawating Braves while the girls cheered them on. Bawating has since been replaced by the brand new Superior Heights school, but that didn’t stop this couple and their wedding party from taking the opportunity to pass the ball around one last time.

Congratulations Tim and Lindsay!!!


    • No we did not have to pay as we Both (my brother and I) volunteer coach for superior heights football and basketball, and Seth the athletic director both taught and coach us. So I would appreciate it if you left your negative and unfunny attempt at sarcasm to yourself…

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