Homelessness Looms For Disabled Sault Ste. Marie Woman


Valerie Belsito is 47 years old and wheelchair bound. She relies on support from homecare services and her children to provide for her personal needs. For the past 16 years Valerie has lived in a rent geared to income home managed by Social Housing through the District of Sault Ste. Marie’s Social Service Board.

As her physical conditions deteriorated due to symptoms of multiple sclerosis over the years accommodations were made to her home to make it accessible. Confusion about income reporting to the Social Housing authorities quickly spiraled Valerie into a situation of almost $10, 000 owing in arrears. Valerie has been evicted and must leave the premise by April 14th, 2015. With the lack of accessible housing in Sault Ste Marie, Valerie is now facing homelessness.

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  1. Some of you people sound like you are sociopaths..lol.. Have any of you people read the article in the
    link…? She might be guilty of dumb ignorance and perhaps fear for having her kids there, but they are primary caregivers, she might be able to say that she gave her kids free rent in exchange for their caregiving. She needs to consult a lawyer. Telling her to go to a nursing home ?…too much, that would cost the province 4 times as much to keep her there. you people better pray to whatever you pray to that you don’t fall ill, and end up there. If i had $10,000 extra, i’d pay them for her. How can some of you people live with yourselves, you sound like very miserable unhappy people.

  2. Leeanne Leeanne, to have much credibility you need to post under a real name, not an alias… I got bounced off Sootoday for that but I see they still allow you, and several others to do so. To get 10,000 in arrears she was the one at fault, and to say she wasn’t lying is a bit of a stretch, in anyones language..Do the math, whether she’s a friend of yours or not….

  3. Read between the lines if she owes 10k that’s a lot of income she didn’t report or whatever the circumstances maybe but something isn’t right here so if she didn’t falsify the documents get a lawyer and they will be paying her 10k in the end if it’s false

  4. While one can feel sorry for the lady for her predicament, to be 10,000 in arrears means it was happening for a long period of time. The first thing you are told when you move to housing is to declare ALL income and it’s not hard to do… If you aren’t sure, all you have to do is ask at the office and they will tell you.. If this was an honest mistake I can’t see housing evicting under her circumstance.. Not judging, just saying….There are so many trying to beat the system today any way they can that one almost needs a play by play to keep up with it.. Hopefully, she will find alternate housing, but there is no doubt it will be much more expensive than housing was…. PS; I live in seniors housing and take great pains to play EXACTLY by the rules, I can’t afford to live anywhere else…

    • my thoughts exactly

      it takes years to build up ten thousand dollars in arrears, UNLESS she forgot to mention to them that she’d made THOUSANDS MORE THAN CLAIMED, and therefore she COULD’VE AFFORDED FULL RENT, but CHOSE NOT TO

      either way, fraud was involved, when did we start feeling sorry for the lawbreakers?

      WE ALLLLLL PAY FOR OUR CHOICES , if she ends up being evicted, the woman in crisis is wheelchair accessible……

  5. i’m sorry Tanya Laberge but this lady does not lie!!! You are very cold hearted too … just shoot off that mouth of yours eh? And she deserve’s to live in a home … not a nursing home! It is a very sad situation and i really hope she gets a decent place to call home without housing charging her money she clearly doesn’t have because she is disabled!!

  6. I’m not trying to sound incentive however , if she lies about her income and owes money. That’s her problem , and if she is innocent t, then get the proper document and lawyer and prove otherwise , she would be able to go woman’s shelter till she can get into a nursing home

    • I agree. Confusion about income reporting, means she worked, made money and did not claim it. So she kinda put herself in this situation. Which also leads to the question, if she is disabled and unable to work, where was she earning all this money? She knew what she was doing now she has to face the circumstances. So she is playing the handicapped card to make others feel bad. Sad sad sad.

    • Hey Tanya.. and Yve Yve, you listen up too. You certainly don’t sound incentive.. or even insensitive, if that’s what you were opening up about before thinking…you sound like a seriously uninformed. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. This, I know for a fact; nobody lied about income. YOU both assumed this, both being wrong. Tanya, you have no idea where this woman’s problems lie, so do not assume you may solve them. Secondly, Yve Yve… If you would like to know what “playing the handicap card” feels like after 10 years in a wheelchair, maybe it will come true for you someday, and then you can play the same fun little game. Sound fun? Women’s shelters probably have wheelchair accessibility, right? There you have it; problem solved! You loud mouths need to shut up and listen up; get informed before you make asses of yourselves.

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