In Honor & Loving memory of Mike Case

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by, Tammy Semande Haman

The Measure of a Man

Mike Case was a man made up of Greatness. It is no surprise that we are in a time of Great Sorrow. Sault Ste Marie is Devastated & Grieving, over the loss of a truly amazing human being. He loved his calling & all the responsibilities that came with it. He devoted his life to his gift, MUSIC!

“The highest purpose of art is to inspire, what else can you do for anyone. but inspire them.”
Bob Dylan

Mike was born a naturally amazing Musician. What made him so unique was that he was also an Explorer. He had a knack for discovering new ways to experience music & blend it into his life. Mike was a fantastic scout, who could spot talent a mile a way. He was always keenly aware that it was a privilege to have a job doing something he truly loved. He incorporated performing, teaching, directing, & running a business into his daily life. He evolved with the times, and continually met the needs of his students, clients, & the economy. He adopted an identity in Music, and stayed true to himself. There were so many elements of his life, One must raise the question “Who was Mike Case to you?”

Entertainer: He was well known for his guitar playing and his song, & there was no doubt he loved taking stage.

Teacher: Countless people credit Mike for his teaching skills & many musicians were born under his care

Mentor: He inspired & encouraged the individual gifts in everyone lucky enough to cross his path

Friend: The numbers are to many to count, but he treasured every single one

Leader: Fearlessly he pioneered musical careers, and developed prodigy’s

Entrepreneur: Case’s Music was built with his blood, sweat, and tears. With a reputation that is stellar Case’s has remained the go to place for anything musical in Sault Ste Marie for a long time running.

Citizen: Mike was dedicated to local people & issues, he was a proud supporter of locally owned and operated business’s

Award Winner: In 2009 Mike was inducted into the Northern Ontario Country Music Hall of Fame

Legend: His zeal for life & passion for music were staggering & plentiful

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Family man: At the heart of him, the love he had for his family had no bounds. There are no words seemingly worthy of explaining his devotion and loyalty to those he called family

There are so many more attributes to list when speaking of Mike. He is revered, and he has earned the respect given to him by so many. We must take note, because a soul like his is not easy to come by. Saying Goodbye will personal journey for us all., Mike will receive tribute from the masses whether it be, a moment of silence, a prayer, or a flag at half staff,. His music and his gifting will live on for generations! When he had a chance, Mike made sure to leave a lasting and profound mark in this world. It is difficult to know in which direction we should give thanks for him, but Thank You does not feel sufficient. Again I will raise the question, “Who was Mike Case to you?” The healing will be individual & it will begin when one reaches deep in their heart for their own personal Answer.

“I often think in music….I live my daydreams in music….I see my life in terms of music”
Albert Einstein


  1. Mike was the reason i picked up the violin. He gave me confidence while playing the instrument. He was very helpful in the grieving process of my father. Rest In Paradise Mike!

  2. Mike made the world a warmer place with his gift of friendship. Our memories of music and conversation around a camp fire will treasured. Mike Case was truly one of a kind.

  3. Mike Case was truly a great man, he saw the good in people and made the world a better place. He will surely be missed by all that have been blessed to have known him. Rest in peace Mike and God Bless

  4. Rest in Peace Mike….you will be remembered fondly, thank you for your endless cheer, good humor and zest for life…….I hope they are ready for you in Heavens choir……ya did good Mike….xoxo

  5. Mike was one of those rare souls; kind, real, tender; talented; generous to a fault. You earned so much respect MIKE… you leave a hole in the fabric of our musical history.

  6. I first met Mike when he was working at Arnill’s Music, and he was always willing to spend time chatting about and demonstrating new gear, or helping customers find whatever it was they were looking for.

    Years later, Mike hired me to teach music — piano/keyboard — at Case’s, as I was contemplating a career as a music teacher. His enthusiasm was infectious, and he was always ready to greet old friends and newcomers with warmth and genuine affection.

    He was a very talented musician and teacher, and was especially terrific at getting kids to not only learn to play but giving them the confidence to perform, whether it was at Case’s student shows, or in the youth bands he started.

    Mike will most certainly be missed.

  7. The Soo has lost a legend …Landslide has lost one of its own …Rest in peace Mike
    Our thoughts and prayers for his family
    Duelling banjo’s I can hear from afar

  8. Some of my fondest memories are of Mike and Texas street band. I remember always standing up and yelling “Mule skinner blues”. It was a difficult song to sing and he would point at me and yell “I know where you live.” But he would always play it. Keep playing that fiddle in heaven my friend.

  9. Mike Case was truly a music Legend in this community and his music and spirit will live on forever, him and my brother Terry had met in grade nine Music class at White Pines and they remainded best friends and music colaborators till the day of my brothers passing…I feel like I have lost another brother…God bless you Mike, you were a better man than me.

    Rob Holley

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