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Police Intoxicated

On the 24 April 2015 Murray Lacrosse (age 42) turned himself into the City Police regarding an outstanding warrant for failing to appear for fingerprints. He will be appearing in court on the 11 May to answer to the charge.

On the 24 April 2015 City Police received a call regarding a possible impaired driver that had just pulled into a local restaurant. The caller stated it appeared the female driver was passed out behind the wheel of her car in the drive through lane. Before Police arrived, the vehicle had pulled away. Police spotted the car on Second Line West and activated the emergency lights to stop the driver at Second Line and North St. The vehicle did not pull over until the bottom of Second line hill near the railway tracks. The driver of that motor vehicle appeared to be intoxicated and was arrested. Charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle and consuming over the legal limit is Bailly Hiebert-Long (age 22) of Wawa, Ontario. She was sent to bail court as she indicated she was not going to appear for court back in Sault Ste Marie.

On the 24 April 2015 City Police responded to a disturbance call at approximately 3:30 in the morning in the east end of the city. On arrival, information was received that a female had assaulted her husband and smashed the windshield of his vehicle when he tried to leave during a disagreement. The female was charged and will be appearing in bail court on the 24 April 2015 at 10 AM.

City Police also arrested and charged two men with Liquor License Act Offences in two separate occurrences last evening.

In one instance, a 911 hang up call was received to the Albert St East area. Police are bound to check the authenticity of these calls and when they arrived found an intoxicated male in the foyer unable to properly care for himself. In lieu of a fine and a stay at the Police Service, he was brought to the Detoxification Center to sober up and walk out on his own accord. He decided instead, to give the staff at detox a rude and belligerent welcome shortly after the Police had left. Officers were called back and within minutes, the intoxicated chap spent the night lodged in the police holding cells, was fined and wasn’t released until he was sober.

In the second instance, City Police were called to a local convenience store where an intoxicated man was waiving a knife in his hand. It was not in a threatening gesture or with ill-conceived intentions. He was attempting to show all who would watch his prowess with the instrument. Unfortunately, patrons could not decipher his true motives and summonsed the local constabulary. His passive behaviour quickly turned volatile when the police showed up and he would not listen to their direction and was extremely belligerent with the officers. His level of intoxication coupled with his rather unusual behaviour landed him a trip to the holding cells. The man was fined and released when he was sober.