Keeping them on their toes…

Sault Police Training Exercise

For the second week in a row, members of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service participated in a training exercise. This week’s exercise was staged out at Glenview Cottages, just North of Sixth Line, and loosely based on a real life incident which occurred last October involving a downtown shooting. Two Arrested In Wellington Street Shooting

The Scenario

More Shots FiredAn individual checked in at the Glenview cottages a few weeks ago and has been acting weird, causing a disturbance. When police are called, the attending officer is shot in the leg by someone inside the cabin. The ESU is called in and utilizing the BATT, they successfully extricate the wounded officer from the scene.

The exercise continues with one of the occupants of the cabin fleeing into the woods prompting a pursuit with a canine officer. A containment perimeter is set up around the scene and the individual who fled is apprehended within 15-20 minutes of fleeing. The training exercise continued with the Command Unit brought in to allow negotiators to make contact with the remaining occupants and ultimately diffuse the situation.

Inside the BATTThroughout the four hour exercise occupants in the cabin were seen discharging firearms and taunting police while the BATT stood its ground literally a few feet away. The scene felt exactly like a real life scenario playing out.

The Sault Police Service responds to approximately 12-14 significant incidents each year and these training exercises are taken very seriously. They provide invaluable experience which helps to ensure the best possible outcome when dealing with real life situations.

A member of the Armed Forces was in attendance during today’s exercise. When asked what his involvement in the training scenario was, he generously took a few minutes to explain when and how the military would be involved in any situation. In the event the Sault Police Service ever became overwhelmed, the Ontario Provincial Police would be first ones called upon for assistance. Should an incident overwhelm both Municipal and Provincial Police resources, Federal agencies such as the Royal Canadian Police would be the next line of defense. He advised that the Military is always the last resort, however, they have and will continue to provide assistance by helping out with any resources and supplies such as tents that may be required.

Congratulations on a very successful training event SSMPS!!!

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