Northern Dental Care Doubles in Size: Total of 14 chairs, New Jobs


dentist-2It’s an exciting time at Northern Dental Care! You may have heard from a friend or from visiting that the office has gone through a major expansion in the last few months. Not only did the facility double in size, Northern Dental Care has grown in so many other ways, too.
For space, Northern Dental Care added 7 more treatment rooms, for a total of 14 rooms. And don’t forget about the massage chairs and TVs on the ceiling in every room! You’ll feel like a celebrity while Northern Dental Care takes care of all your dental needs. The office takes pride in each patient’s comfort when they visit, some may even say one feels like it’s similar to visiting the spa! Parents and children can be excited about the brand new kid’s playroom that you’ll see when you first enter! The “new side” is also equipped with a state of the art sterilization area, a spacious staff lunch room, a modern training space to keep staff performing at the highest standards,

Northern Dental Care has also grown in NUMBERS! Over the last while, 12 new jobs have been created- and Dr. Biasucci is looking to hire about 8-10 more. This brings the total staff to almost 30 team members! That’s almost triple the amount of team members in a short amount of time; making Northern Dental Care the company that’s buzzing with energy and friendly new faces.
With new hires comes rigorous training, and Dr. Biasucci makes sure the staff has the best training they can get; and current staff members also have continuous training. Not only does this prepare everyone to be excellent in their careers, it makes sure the patients receive the very best care and experience.
The Northern Dental Care’s team of doctors now includes 4 dentists. You may have already read about Dr. Chan in the last Northern Dental Care newsletter – he is a specialist who is working at the office to provide more complex services.
Joining the NDC team, very recently, is Dr. Jahromi from Oakville, Ontario. He has been practicing dentistry for many years, and recently has decided to move to the frozen north. Keep an eye out in the office’s next newsletter to find out more about him.

Also joining the Northern Dental Care team this month is Dr. Maria Morales. She has been practicing dentistry for many years and most recently in Toronto. She and her family are looking forward to enjoying life in Northern Ontario.
With more doctors means no wait times, same day appointments (call them in the morning and they’ll get you in today), extended hours (open 6 days a week – Mon. to Sat. 8:30am-6pm), and new patients and emergencies are always welcome!
Make sure to say hello to newest team members and go in to get a tour of the whole office! The staff at Northern Dental Care also look forward to seeing each of you at some of their upcoming events – we hear there are big things planned for 2015.