Northern Ontario Forestry Company Joins Global Plant Care Group


BioForest is excited to announce their next step to bring new forest health products to North America, expand their networks and introduce TreeAzin® and the EcoJect® System to new markets. Lallemand recently acquired BioForest to manage their Forestry unit and become part of Lallemand’s Plant Care division. The acquisition provides BioForest with greater research and development capabilities, and access to a global network of expertise, paving the way for new and innovative forest health management products.

With more than 20 years’ experience in forest pest management, BioForest has become the latest addition to Lallemand’s Plant Care division, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and innovative product development to the privately owned Canadian company. Lallemand, a global leader in yeast and bacteria, is also active in plant health care for forestry, agriculture, horticulture and turf management.

BioForest will have the task of managing Lallemand’s Forestry unit and thus will work closely with the Lallemand owned Finnish company Verdera, to develop and market the biofungicide Rotstop® C in North America and further grow its European market, while Verdera will help BioForest introduce its products in Europe.
In particular, the Lallemand acquisition is expected to help expand BioForest’s botanical systemic insecticide, TreeAzin®, into new markets. TreeAzin is owned by the Canadian Forest Service and was developed in collaboration with BioForest, who holds its worldwide license. TreeAzin is widely used in Canada and the United States for control of the invasive emerald ash borer (EAB) and other insect pests. TreeAzin is classified as a “less hazardous” commercial pesticide and is listed for organic use by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). TreeAzin provides protection against EAB, and on average costs 50% less than tree removal and replacement, allowing municipalities to have the best of both worlds; save money and their trees!