Politics and $$$ Trumps Science

Science Festival

On day one of the Science Festival, a group of students, teachers, experts, and concerned citizens gathered at the Water Tower Pub to discuss extreme weather conditions and how they will impact the areas around the Great Lakes.  Some of the topics discussed were:

  • Should Sault Ste. Marie be preparing to adapt their infrastructure to these potential risks?
  • Is it worth spending tax dollars now to possibly save money in the future?
  • Is it better to be reactive or proactive?
  • Should all new infrastructure be made to be climate change resistant?
  • What are the priorities? Will this even be an issue?
  • Where should the money go first?

Even though these topics have been discussed for years, the politicians have dragged their heels in moving in this area because firstly, they will only do what will get them re-elected and also that the money isn’t there to be spent on preparing to adapt the infrastructure to the potential risks.  Money keeps on flowing to the present failing infrastructure which in some cases is over 100 years old.

All three levels of government must team up to correct the problems that we will definitely incur in this area.

The Science Festival continues on Thursday with SciFest at Night: Come Fly with Us at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm.  This themed event will include engaging guest presenters, live science demonstrations, workshops and hands-on activities as well as live music and drinks and hors d’oeurves for purchase.

Organizers would like everyone to come out and lounge with a Luna moth, and some of the largest insects in the world. Discover how sex pheromones affect flight.

Enjoy live jazz music and cocktails, mixed with some live science with our savvy scientists! Like a little competition? Test your skills with our rotocopters, fly stick and paper plane challenge!

This event is for people 19 years of age and older.  Tickets available at Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre in person or by phone (705 -945-6242 Ext. 202) or 1-877-287-4752 Ext. 202