A St. Mary’s River View Included


20150408_140616As Sault Ste.Marie transforms from the doldrums of winter, into a hopeful spring, The Riverwalk Condo Development is moving from Demolition, to Building. The site of the iconic Plummer Memorial Hospital is looking less and less like her old self.

The Riverwalk Condominium Development started with 40 available suites. As Amit Sofer toured the building site with Marcella Ruscio, a condo owner in Riverwalk development, it is easy to see how the view from any vantage point within Riverwalk would seal the deal. As of today, there are only five condo suites left for purchase. Marcella Ruscio was among the first people to see the possibilities that owning a condominium in the Riverwalk development would offer. “Riverwalk is the perfect opportunity for me to synchronize my lifestyle with an exceptional quality living environment. ” Marcella travels a substantial amount, and as far as people go, she leans towards the active & healthy side of life. “The brightness in this space. There is so much light here” adding “I will have easy access to the Hub Trail. I can hop on my bike and go pretty much anywhere from here.” The location is hard to beat.


Marcella smiles at the prospect of locking her door, at 112 Riverwalk, and heading out for a stroll along the St.Mary’s River. Bonus.

20150408_14265020150408_142323Amit Sofer, TVM Group and Riverwalk Condominium Developer, offered some updates on where things are today with the project. “Riverwalk is about two weeks away from application for Building Permits.” he said “This will be the next step in the process for Riverwalk.” Mr. Sofer shared some of the pieces that are required for Building Permit.

Applications to The City of Sault Ste. Marie. ” We will have all of our drawings complete” adding “Typically in most cities, building permits can take upwards to one month for approval.” Mr. Sofer shared that he saw Sault Ste. Marie as a viable place for a Boutique Condominium Development, like Riverwalk. “Riverwalk will be state of the art and highly energy efficient. All of the furnishings will be of the highest quality.”

A large space with yellow walls, as seen today, is where the vision for the Exercise Room, Steam Room, Sauna (incorporating infrared lighting), and general activity will happen. “Can you imagine how nice that will be when a person can look out at the river while having a work-out.” said Amit. “The grounds will be professionally landscaped when we get to that point. It is going to be absolutely beautiful here.”


Amit Sofer went on to describe some of the features being incorporated into the development. “All the ceilings have a height of 8 ft. or 9 ft.8inches. All of the windows are new, high end ,energy efficient.” Amit spoke about the large exposed steel beams running throughout the structure, and the history that Algoma Steel played in the building of the old Plummer Hospital. “Hospitals are built in accordance with standards for disaster. They are built to withstand a great deal of pressure.”

20150408_142007As jackhammers echoed away in another part of the building site, there were workers cleaning up and moving forward towards the next phase throughout the space. The smell of metal grindings, construction & concrete dust, with a healthy dose of crisp fresh air, come together. It smells like progress.

20150408_144056The concrete and building materials around the site of the former Plummer Hospital, give way to a picture emerging in a space like no other. Looking around, it’s easy to be drawn in, to the stories that lived within the walls of The Plummer Hospital. My own mother was a highly skilled nurse for 37 years there. I was a candystriper there as a teenager. (yes ..striper).

20150408_143355The old building still has vestiges of her former glory. Operating Room Doors and criss-crossed metal stairs. Who could ever forget those stairs.

These stairs are still part of Riverwalk at the present time. “We are keeping 2 of the original elevator shafts. shared Amit Sofer “the locations of the elevator shafts are perfect for the development. Everything will, of course, be new.” he shared in good humour. The third elevator from the old Plummer Hospital has been eliminated. It got The Shaft.

For more information on Riverwalk, visit the website. http://theriverwalk.ca/