SAH Launches Patient Education Videos

Sault Area Hospital

Sault Area Hospital (SAH) is pleased to announce the release of two new patient education videos – the Algoma District Cancer Program’s Virtual Journey and the Algoma Regional Renal Program’s, A Day in the Life of a Hemodialysis Patient.

Filming for both videos took place last fall and was a collaborative effort by SAH’s Oncology and Renal Programs, Jan Strouhal Photography and Janssen, who generously sponsored the productions. Patient and family engagement are central in achieving positive clinical outcomes and these videos focus on viewing the cancer or renal experience through the lens of the patient.

The Algoma District Cancer Program’s video, Virtual Journey, guides a first-time cancer patient through the initial clinic visit, providing a tour of the Waiting Room, Chemo Suite, Radiation Bunker and Phlebotomy Lab. “By viewing the experience of a first visit to the Algoma District Cancer Program through the lens of our patient advisors, it is hoped that the anxiety associated with that first visit will be reduced,” explains Kathleen Weir, Patient Care Supervisor for the Algoma District Cancer Program. Featured in the video is Patient Advisor, Mary Coulas who was the inspiration for the video. “Being diagnosed with cancer is an overwhelming experience. No one deserves cancer, but everyone deserves exceptional care,” she says. The video also highlights the cancer program’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), which recently celebrated its first year anniversary.

The Algoma Regional Renal Program’s video, A Day in the Life of a Hemodialysis Patient, portrays the life of a local hemodialysis patient, Keith. “Our goal in this video was to demystify hemodialysis for new patients and their families, highlighting that hemodialysis is not a person’s whole life, but only a part of it,” says Shirley Pulkkinen, Renal Social Worker who worked with Keith and his family on the video. “It is possible to have a fulfilling life that includes dialysis with the support of family and friends.”