Sault Ste. Marie MV-1 Dealer: Sweet Ride Plus Dignified

Oh yeah, this sweet ride provides canoodling options up in front for everyone! Introduced to the Sault just this past January, the MV-1 is a first of it’s kind to design an accessible car around a wheelchair ramp. And all the priority is given to those who are wheelchair bound. Driver or co-pilot but you’ll never be stashed in the back lack a sack of potatoes again! James Boynton MV-1 sales rep (he’s not a used car salesman- honest!) gives us the low down.

“This is a dignified ride,” he said of the car’s unique features. “And being that I have Spina Bifida I get why that is a huge point.”

The MV-1 allows for the accessibility of most wheelchairs and scooters, while providing a comfortable and safe ride for all. A person who is wheelchair bound has the option of not only driving but also for the very first time, riding in the front of the vehicle on the passenger side.

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