Seniors Calling. They’ve got the Music in them.


20150414_103421Singing for the pure enjoyment of singing, is a beautiful thing. When a group of people come together to sing for fellowship, and brevity splashed with an enthusiasm to offer a concert tour to retirement and long term care facilities, it’s even better.

There are no divas and primadonas in this collection of chorusters. The Sault Senior Singers are pure original. This Sault chorus has been rehearsing and sharing their concerts in and around the community for around 35 years. There have been three choir directors, the most recent of whom was Dora Cook. She retired from the choir this past fall, passing the torch to Sonya Ostrowski. Sonya’s daughter also has a history of making music with the Sault Senior Singers, and has even written an original composition. The Sault Senior Singers have incorporated the piece into their repertoir, called “We are the Sault Senior Singers.”

20150414_103730Where Mary Hollingsworth once sat at the keyboard, Sharon Hill now keeps the music going as the talented accompanist on the piano. The Sault Senior Singers continue the legacy of sharing musical gifts and talents with the community.
The choir was rehearsing in their usual digs, The Seniors Drop-In Centre on Bay St. “We practice here every Tuesday 10:15 to noon.” shared Sonya “We are getting ready for our annual spring tour to local nursing homes.” Sonia spoke to the value and enriching experiences that members of the choir take with them, while and after, they perform at hospitals,nursing and retirement homes. “We’re concentrating this year on the nursing homes. The Sault Senior Singers has a long history of bringing music to elderly residents in our community.”


The Sault Senior Singers have several members in the choir who must have found the fountain of youth. “It’s about having fun” delighted one of the female choir members. She is 94 years young. 90 must be the new 70. Music must be the elixir.
Members of the choir expressed reasons for being part of the chorus. “For the enjoyment, the friendship, for the love of singing, to entertain people, it makes us happy, for the socialization and fellowship.” All of these things and more contribute to a nice size choir of 40 or more.

Rehearsals are almost over for the season. The choir takes a break after the spring concert dates. Rehearsals will cease shortly on Tuesday mornings as they manage a three concert a week schedule.

They are performing Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week starting Wed. April 22nd until Wed. May 13th. Their first spring concert will be at the Seniors Drop-In Centre on Bay St. From there the choir will be singing at various nursing and retirement homes, with a stop at the Verde Hall for an evening concert, called ‘Young at Heart’ (Wed.May 6th,7:30 pm).
Anyone in the senior set is welcome to come out and join the Sault Senior Singers. Fall rehearsals start up again Sept. 8th,2015, leading to Christmas performances.

You can find them every Tuesday morning, at The Senior Drop-In Centre, on Bay St.