Support our Team! Order Your Greyhound Bling !


To celebrate the Greyhound’s outstanding performance thus far in the OHL playoffs, fans can now get a limited time souvenir!

Show your team support!

We are proud to introduce Soo Greyhound pendants/ collar pins made from genuine sterling silver or 10 K gold (on request) to will be made available to fans on a first come first served basis.
These precision crafted expressions of team spirit are made by local jeweller’ s David and Ryan Poluck from Luray using the latest in 3D technology.

Fans can order their Greyhound pendants or collar pins at the “Hound Pound” on home games starting Thursday April 23rd or place orders through Northern Jewellery on behalf of the “Hound Pound” at Northern Ave Monday- Friday 9-5:30. 705-253-2645. Payments for purchases are made solely to the “Hound Pound”

Those interested in these items or want to find out more on Greyhound merchandise can also contact Megan Dubas, Director of Game Day Operations and Merchandising at 705-253-5976 ext. 231

Go Hounds Go!