Tammy Says… It’s the Best Show In Town!

Photo by, Audrey Marshall

SaultOnline reader Tammy Semande Haman wrote in with the following kind words for a few very talented local entertainers known as Obsession. Having grown up in a very musically talented family, my wife and I have always taken any opportunity that came our way to head out to a variety of local venues to enjoy some live music and hit the dance floor. Like Tammy, we very much appreciate living in a Community with so much home-grown talent.

It’s easy to overlook just how much time is invested honing their talents, not to mention setting up for and cleaning up after gigs. Having been blessed enough to meet many of these individuals, it’s safe to say that most aren’t in it for the money. It warms the heart to hear that the most valued compensation for all their efforts is to simply experience a room full of people sharing in their enthusiasm, enjoying the performance and creating fond memories. Thank you all!!!


Best Show in town……….. OBSESSION @ Esquire Club

Written by, Tammy Semande Haman

Always top notch, I did not think it was possible for one of the highest Ranking Bands in Sault Ste Marie to amp it up higher than usual. Obsession came out (this past weekend) with a Bang slamming out their usual third set home run songs right off the hop! The energy was electric throughout the room from start to finish!

Valerie Powley, what an amazing ability you have to drag the emotion out of your listeners. You belt it out, like it is your God given mission to share the passion of music within you!

Gotta give it up for the boys!!!

Alex Trecroce on guitar ripped out some awesome solos his hands crafted for the strings of his instrument, and his voice following suit with depth & a touch of sexy!

Steve Porco you sit in the back, but you do not go unnoticed! It is a rare occasion that you actually look at your drums or your hands. With your eyes closed you swim in the music, letting the waves take you away like the tide.

Nothing better than a little banter on stage between members. I love the repore between Jim Michaud and Valerie. Playing off each others energy, they exchange witty & knowing glances that predict the next moment of the song! Keep smiling Jim & keep on jumping in the crowd…..it’s a lady killer!

Great Job OBSESSION!!!! My Favorite band & my very dear friends!!


Make sure to check out the Community Events Calendar for Obsession’s next gig as well as other home grown talent!!!


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