A Cat Named A&W Needs Your Help


This sweet female short hair brown and black Tabby was recently found by Maurice Dagenais in distress at the A&W parking lot. He contacted The Animal Assistance Group for help. She was given the name A&W, was taken to the Vet by TAAG and it was determined that she was probably injured some time ago, possibly by a car. Despite the sad condition she was found in, A&W is very affectionate, friendly, and trusting of people.

This week, A&W had surgery to remove the damaged eye and repair the back wound to allow it to heal properly. She will need several weeks to recover from the first surgery, so was placed in a Foster Home for some TLC. A&W will be returning to the Vet for spay surgery when she is well enough. After recovering from all surgeries, this sweet girl will be available for adoption. Cats can adapt very well with only one eye and A&W should recover fully from her ordeal.
The A&W Restaurant where she was found, has kindly donated funds towards her Vet costs. TAAG still needs help with this as the Vet costs are $800 Canadian. She may need further medical treatment if there are any complications.
If you can help in any way, please see the Donation Page link on the TAAG Website. Donations to TAAG are Tax Deductible. Please mention A&W in the comments section with your donation if it is for her care. TAAG will update her progress in the weeks ahead.


  1. The cat is not suffering. It;s injuries were repaired and is healing. When healed she will be spayed and adopted to a loving family that will love her for the rest of her life.

  2. Every life matters to The Animal Assistance Group- TAAG. A&W is resting very comfortably right now, eating, and purring up a storm. The support has been wonderful, thanks Sault Online, and people like Melinda Ann…

    • LOL, too funny Marc, My condolences on the loss of your compassion and humanity. I think the point is that the cat is no longer suffering but instead recovering. Maybe karma will offer you euthanasia upon your first injury.

    • It’s just a cat? That’s your rational? No animal should suffer….but let’s put it this way…would you want to be put down for an eye injury? I know Mark twain said : ” common sense isn’t very common” but come on dude, grow a brain…maybe learn how to read and then actually READ what’s in front of you and try some critical thinking. Try to be human, try some empathy.

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