Bikers Invade the Sault


One bike. 30 seats. 20 minutes. 2kms. One great team working to create more survivors!

The Heart & Stroke Big Bike is a team event geared towards companies, community organizations and groups. Teams are made up of 29 enthusiastic riders who each commit to raise $50 or more to support heart disease and stroke research. On Thursday not only did they raise a ton on money but they had a lot of fun with the experience.


On Thursday the following teams earned:
OLG – $4947.50
Tenaris – $3500.00
Canadian Tire – $730.00
Children’s Aid Society – $1341.00
Our Lady of Lourdes – $1425.00
Achieve Fitness – $1750.00
Northern Credit Union – $1369.00
Thank you to all the participants.