UPDATED STORY: Carnival Has Strict Policies – Manager

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A story published by SaultOnline.com Tuesday morning has certainly caught the attention of thousands of readers including the management of Campbell Amusements.

Stewart Bell, Manager of Campbell Amusements tells SaultOnline.com that the photos of two men that appear to be drinking on Carnival grounds are not associated with the carnival. Stewart admits that the photograph could lead to the assumption that “carnival workers” are drinking, however Bell assures that the Amusement company has strict polices in place for all of their employees regarding activities such as drinking.

“All employees of the carnival wear a uniform, a blue t-shirt with the logo, if they don’t have it on – they are not associated with the Campbell Amusements” Bell said.  The men in the photograph taken by a facebook user appears to be part of the midway that is on-going at the Pee Wee arena, Bell claims the men are with another outfit that are staying at a near by hotel and were sitting in the parking lot of the hotel.

When the incident was brought to his attention, Bell said they were in the process of suggesting to the men in question to be a little more ” discreet ”

Bell says he does not condone drinking out in the public eye and would enforce the company’s policy to their employees, some, Bell said have been with the carnival  for decades.

Bell said the carnival attracts thousands in every city it travels to and sometimes there can be misunderstanding from the public who assume “questionable activities” by carnival staff but Bell stresses this was simply a mistake by the original poster.


Previous Story

The annual Pee Wee Midway is in town, a normal draw for families and kids over the long Victoria Day holiday, but one patron of the carnival was  “appalled” at she witnessed.

A posting on the social media site, Facebook shows photos of carnival workers drinking heavily in the parking lot at the fair grounds.

“Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong?!!!
I don’t give a sh–t if they aren’t operating rides at the moment…the guys that work the fair should not be getting drunk in the parking lot of the hotel (behind the fair)!!” complained the patron who made the post.

The post was brought to the attention of SaultOnline.com.

“If the fair wasn’t in town, this would be considered “intoxicated in a public place”!! So what makes it ok because the fair is here??? The fact that there are a bunch of kids around?!”

The concerned poster reports she watched for about 20 minutes and witnessed the worker drinking 4 cans and cracked open a fifth in that short of time, she says she reported it and the manager responded “they aren’t working today”

What do you think?  Should carnival workers be drinking while off duty at the fair site?

Sound off in the comments section below.

The carnival runs daily until Sunday.


  1. I would also like to share a scary experience my family had this past Sunday at the fair. My 2 sons and my nephew were enjoying the bumper cars while my sister, my husband and I were watching them and taking pictures of them on the ride. Out of the blue we began to smell smoke, we looked up to see large clouds of smoke coming from a campbell amusement transport parked right behind the ride. Everyone started freaking out and moving closer to see what was happening and why. A few carnival workers ran back to the truck and were speaking to the driver as the smoke continued to fill the air with our kids still on the ride. I had asked one of the workers what was going on if someone needed to call 911. The workers as well as the driver of the truck were all laughing about what was going on. The employee who runs the bumpercars told me to just move on and forget about it, that the driver of the truck was doing it on purpose. As it all seemed to be a big joke to the workers who were originally worried and ran to the truck when it first started. With smoke still filling the air and our kids still on the ride, one worker grabbed a fire extingulsher and used it to put out the flame that was coming out of the exhaust on the transport.
    With alot of scared children and parents around, someone made the smart move to call 911 as we still had no idea what was going on.
    The firetruck showed up within 5 minutes with its sirens and lights on. The driver was sitting in the truck and 1 man who we asummed was a manager was standing beside the truck when they showed up.
    They allowed the firetruck to circle the parking lot a couple times knowing full well why they were there.
    A young girl whos child was on the ride at the time this was going on, ran across the parking lot to inform the driver what had happened and what truck caused it. The firetruck then parked and went over to talk to the driver of the truck.
    This was a very freightening for the children on the ride as well as for the parents and bystanders who witnesses this. My son is still talking about it
    What was something very scary for us seemed to be a big joke to the truck driver and other employees who had ran quickly over to see what was happening.

  2. Here’s the main problem with society. . Everybody is more concerned about what the guy next to them is doing instead taking care of there own nonsense. .it’s very obvious that who ever was drinking was obviously off duty with no intention of working. .to all the halfwitts that need to waste air and time then I suggest you talk about sale of hydro one..now there’s something worth talking about !!

  3. This is the second time I’ve tried posting a comment today and have yet to see my comment posted! These are my pictures so I should be able to post a comment!
    These gentlemen were drinking in the parking lot of the hotel …right beside the Zipper. Before even taking a picture, I spoke to a man outsidethe concession stand, who was wearing the Campbel Amusement shirt. He identified himself as “the manager”. When I pointed out the 3 men drinking, HE told me that 2 of the 3 of them were employees for the fair. I voiced my opinion and concern about them drinking quite heavily and staring at the young girls…and his response was “Its not really an issue on my end. They’re not operating any rides right now!” When I continued and said that drinking in a public place is a law to begin with… and the fact that you’re allowing your employees to drink in front of minors , doesn’t say much for the integrity of Campbell Amusements! I even told him that “people already go out of their way to trash talk the fair and its employees, so why would you condone behaviour that just fuels the fire?!” The Manager then told me that he ” has no say over what his employees do when they’re not on the clock”.
    So before you all go on and on about me not knowing the facts before taking a photo or making an “assumption” perhaps you should know all of the facts before commenting!!

    • Joanne. Where is the proof? I am not saying you didn’t speak with Campbell Amusement staff, however, can you verify that he was a manager? Can you verify that the people who were drinking were in fact midway staff? The issue is not that you posted this on facebook or spoke to a reporter about this. The problem lies with Sault Online who published an article without checking the facts. You are not to blame for any of this. What you post on your personal facebook page is your choice. BUT a website that claims to report the news, should check and double check any information provided to them from any source.

      • I get what you’re saying. I am just very frustrated by the “changes” in what the manager said to me, and what he said in his comments on this article!
        If you are “ok” with them drinking in front of patrons …why a change of attitude when it becomes a news story?!

        • I really dont see how the 2 men staying at the hotel ( which is probably hot) sit outside and had a couple beer a issue? They did not bother anyone. People complain they are drinking around kids and patrons. For one, they dont work for the fair so it is not really any of Campbells concern what they do nor should Campbells be harassed by it. What 2 grown men do on their time off is their problem not Campbells. Also, how is them having a beer in public and different then people having drinks at a beach or in their front yard ( while kids are around) or even in your own home. I think after the original poster found out they were NOT employees the post should of been removed ( at least off of the news site) Its only up to create drama and slander Campbells name.

    • Hi Joanne
      This has been a trying day for all concerned.
      I did not speak with you. I am the Manager.
      You may have spoken with someone with a warped sense of humour, who represented themselves as the manager, but you didn’t speak to me.
      Let’s all just let it go. We can laugh about it later.
      On behalf of Campbell Amusements, Joanne, I would like to invite you to come see me
      at the Campbell Amusements office located behind the Bumper Cars.
      I will introduce myself, so you will know me in the future, apologize for whoever you did speak to and offer you some ride passes to come and enjoy the fair.

      Stew Bell

      • If it wasn’t you I spoke to Stew, I apologize. Whoever the person who approached me near the concession stand after I had asked for you, told me they were the manager! It was this person’s response that triggered this whole thing!
        Like I have said many times now..I am not against the fair coming to town. I have went year after year for as long as I can remember! Do inappropriate things happen with the employees?! Absolutely! But like I said..some things have just become accepted.
        I do not need free tickets…that is not at all what any of this was about! I posted on my own Facebook wall (I did not approach the news nor did they bother approaching me!) My concern was that after being told by an employee presenting themselves as you, that these were employees of Campbell Amusements and that the company finds nothing wrong with their employees drinking heavily in front of patrons…
        I am sorry that you had such a trying day because of some employees twisted sense of humour!
        Again..I do not need tickets … I am just relieved to hear that management takes these things more seriously than I was told!

      • Awsome. Well said. It’s just ppl trying to make the. Rea and in glad I brought this to the attention of some of your employees when this was posted because IT clearly makes you all look bad , when it isn’t even true We in the Sault have always looked forward to the midwAy as there is never anything else going on and as you stated- some workers been there for decades that’s their life-livelihood- why would they jeopardize a pay heck for a beer ! I’m glad you guys got this rectified and glad the fixed the post and stated they are sorry for assuming ! Keep up the good work guys

        • Tanya, I did apologize because Stew obviously has an employee who doesn’t think enough to know that his childishness caused a lot of turmoil not only for the actual manager, but also for Campbell Amusements!
          I want to clarify..again.. (since you are trying so hard to take a final “poke” and place blame)…that I did not assume anything! I went to see the manager to point out these men because their behaviour and comments toward the young female patrons was a problem! The man who said he was the manager was the one who pointed out that 2 of these men were employees of the fair!
          I am quite disgusted that there are so many of you that feel that drunken men ogling and making sexual comments toward 13 and 14 yr old.girls is okay!! THAT is quite disturbing!
          I am not against the fair being here! I actually love it!! (Obviously. .considering I was there!)
          I know you are quick to jump to defend the employees without knowing the facts, and that’s alright. I’m sure Stew is more concerned with making sure things ARE actually ok and that nobody is putting the patrons of the fair in jeopardy.

  4. The issue and the reason the story was changed was not because of the drinking in public. It was because of the assumptions made regarding Campbell Amusements and their staff. The people in the photograph were not Campbell Amusements staff. That is the only concern regarding this story. Why was the assumption made and not confirmed before it became a news story? Any damage that came from this story has been done. Mr. Huckerby needs to check facts and confirm what he is reporting to be true.

    • I did not go to the news with this. These are my pictures and were posted on my Facebook wall. Mr Huckerby could have “checked his facts” however, when the “facts” change depending on who is asking the question, it probably wouldn’t have done any good to do so!
      I just made a post on this story explaining, but will say it again in response to your comment. Before I took a photo of these men, I spoke to a man wearing a Campbell Amusements shirt, who identified himself as the Manager. It was HIM who said that 2 of these men worked for theFair. When he dismissed my concerns about the drinking and ogling the young girls, I decidedto take the photos.
      For the record, I am not against the fair coming to town. I went every year as a child and as a teen, and brought my own kids throughout their lives! I now go with my grandkids! There has always been some shady things going on …Even as a teen, we were.offered drugs and alcohol by the employees. Many of them think its perfectly ok to speak to 13, 14, 15 yr old girls using sexual inuendos! Some of these behaviours have just become “accepted” and brushed off because “its the llifestyle of a carnie”! However…when “the manager” condones blatantly illegal activities it becomes more of an issue!

    • Well said and is so true. Wrecking people reputation just to make news. Again, I’m glad for their somewhat of an apology and rectifying the story

  5. I have also witnessed the workers smoking not even 5 ft from the ride they are working at. I thought we had a no smoking policy on city owned property and especially around children. They also were yelling back and forth at other workers using profanities. seems to me, they need training in how to behave around the public and especially with minors present.

  6. *IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ & SHARE* Shows you how safe the Fair is…. BEWARE!!!

    Something really terrifying happened to me yesterday while I was at the fair with my little sister, and I strongly feel that it needs to be shared, please pass this on:

    I rode the Full Tilt ride yesterday with my 9yr-old sister. For those who don’t know, this ride rises off the ground about 50ft (I imagine), with solid pavement far below. At the highest point, the ride tilts forward slightly. My sister loved it, so we boarded twice. Our first turn was fun, no issues, like every other ride. However, on our next turn, things didn’t go quite right with my restraints. To me, they don’t look very safe to begin with, but they tend to work anyway, right? Well… the buckle on my seat that held a vital harness in place came undone in the middle of the ride. It happened so subtly, and I was horrified. What if I hadn’t even noticed, realized the importance of that buckle, understood that I would need to physically hold myself in place to keep from falling? To think it could have been my little sister… it could have been anyone. These things DO happen, and they can happen to you. Please, share this post, and reconsider visiting the fair…

  7. Also the workers for the mills stay there , exactly , I can’t believe they would just assume it’s “Campbell’s” workers … It could of been ANY one and anything they were drinking !

  8. Mr Huckerby these people are all haters! I would have done the same thing! Regardless of whether they are carnival workers is there not laws that prohibit drinking in public like this? And the lady that took the picture would it not be in the best interest of her children to suspect that people who are drinking like this would be associated with Campbell amusements to say u hope she isn’t raising children makes me wonder what kind of people we have in our community! So many of uz shake your head this article and the woman who was concerned for her safety and the safety of her children when you should be shaking your head at the people we have who are aupposed to be collectively looking out for each other

  9. For one if anyone read the article it states that they ARE NOT part of Campbell amusement , they are part of another company staying at the hotel right there…the writer even stated he wrote an article based off a Facebook post that had made an assumption

  10. See what happens when a person tries to create drama, now she looks like a idiot. Was not even carnies. SMH. Maybe you should do some research before trying to ruin peoples names.

    • Tanya these are my photos and before I even tooka photo I spoke to the manager. It was HIM that pointed out that 2 of the 3 men drinking were employees of the fair!

  11. Apparently they weren’t employees of the carnival they were employees of a trucking company staying at the hotel that they were drinking outside the door of…….which I’ve done a million times at football games and concerts. If you’re going to drive truck for 10 straight hours #@!% have a beer. Have ten. Life is short.

  12. Plenty of ppl drink when they are off work , and plenty of people go out side their hotel/motel rooms when they have a nice cold beer while enjoying beauty weather ! Would be totally diff. If they were working …. YA ok like someone said – they should of made lil more discrete : but obviously they didn’t think they were doing anything wrong, who knows they are even workers ? They clearly aren’t wearing uniforms …. Plus – is that any better then the hundreds of adults standing around chain smoking ?? Lol.

    • Doesn’t look like a hotel parking lot to me but the pee wee parking lot and I believe there are laws that we have in our city about drinking in public and they apply to everyone

    They work for a trucking company and were staying in the hotel.

    Mr. Huckerbee did not check his facts.

    • To clarify I didn’t make that assumption either way I just wrote the story based on a complaint at no time did I say they were in fact carnival workers. That said is drinking out in public at a public place now allowed? Just asking a question

      • Mr. Huckerby you may have quoted Joanne’s Facebook post but you also referred to these men as carnival workers twice in your own words. As someone who I assume is a trusted reported in this region I would have expected you to be more objectionable regarding a matter that can be so harmful to a business. Is quoting a Facebook post all it takes to be a News reporter now?

      • You need to get with the times I’m from the soo now living in a big city and we have fair here almost every weekend and there is drinking right on 98% of the fairgrounds here so if them guy ant running rides or driving then who cares if thayler are having a drink in the hot weather so get with the time there are bigger things to get worked up about like wars and hunger so write about that and stop crying over someone having a drink…..

  14. Relax people. The people in the picture do not even work for the carnival. They were staying at the hotel and we’re just sitting out by their truck doing whatever……its their business.

  15. This post should not even be here this is invading their privacy. Who cares if their drinking when their off work and also in the hotel parking lot. The fair is located in the pee wee parking lot not the hotel so there is nothing wrong with this at all drinking when off and also on another property.. Also the comments what if they called to cover a ride no their off so what if your drinking at home and work calls you to cover it don’t happen so sure it’s the same there.

    • I think u might have been playing the beer smash game that is at the fair for the first time in a few years and my operator would have a beer bottle in his hand if he was filling the racks. So get it right or don’t say anything

  16. Weak arguement in many way s. Public drinking because you’re a Carni – nope then we all get aout excuses don’t we. Regardless of how many it appears they were drinking off work or not . Leaves a bad impression . However if we think these people are not taking in a few regardless of us seeing it it’s our ignorance. The lifestyle just breeds it. No judgment. IU don’t go to the fair. I don’t see it as being safe and the people there Carni or not don’t appeal to me. Besides it’s ridiculously expensive . We hit the mountain for a bike ride.

    • How is it any different from people drinking at a beach while kids are around, or at a campground. As long as they are not disturbing anyone or running the rides then let them be.

  17. I would assume they would not be working 7 days a week, and being on the road they are unlikely to have a home to retire to,and therefore would mean they would be in campers or a hotel. If they’re off the clock, I believe they have every right to do as they wish on their own time. My only issue is if they are working while drinking. Otherwise I believe we should not be meddling in their personal lives.

  18. They weren’t on site- they were at a hotel next door. And if you had any idea how much those rides are inspected for safety you wouldn’t be concerned about them. It’s a highly regulated enterprise.

  19. i was up at the fair yesterday with my children and it was noon -you could hear theese drunk swearing individuals loudly while drinking alcahol .i been up there a few times and noticed theese guys drinking heavely every day around there transport-i take it they drive that rig from one town to the other-no matter what i do not think its right to have them drinking in a parking lot in public around children .

  20. . 4 going on 5 in 20 mins is kinda far fetched, a little exaggeration going on there. How do we know they were not non alcoholic beers? And there are cops and undercovers at the fair at all times, so if they were doing wrong im sure they would of been stopped. Plus if its their day off who the heck cares? They are not operating rides. They cant go home to have a beer as that is their home for now. Should They sit in a windowless trailer and die of heat on a hot sunny day cause they may offended you. With that said,
    I dont go to the fair in the first place as i dont trust the rides and the game people annoy the shit out of me. Id rather take my son on a trip to a amusement park then go to the fair.

    • Ya frig off people!!! what Jim said. what if you only had a Perking Lott to make your home!!! Big deal so they like to eat cheese burgers and slam some beers down their throats. At least there not trying to drag your kiddies into their caravan with the rest of the carnies and have their way with them… Just be fnnn happy about them and friggoff stop complaining about every petty little thing!!!

  21. Sorry but that fair is trash and so are their rides. Not safe in my opinion, and if they’re drinking on the property who’s to say they’re not drinking on the job? One little mistake could be fatal. Would not take that chance with my precious kids.

  22. The Manager said the employees weren’t working? I know of NO job where an employee can consume alcohol on company property, whether they are working or not. I would have to assume the Carnival company is renting that property…therefore it would be considered “company property” for the duration of the rental agreement. This is still considered drinking on the job…plan & simple!

    • That’s just not right ya what if they have to take over the ride for someone there operating it with intoxicated they say you can’t drive after 1 beer so why is it ok to operate a ride where people trust you with there lives just not right and if there not working they should be in there trailers drinking or hotel room not in a parking lot for the public to see

    • They do NOT work for Campbell Amusements or any one affiliated with Campbell Amusements and are infact guests of the hotel in the adjacent parking lot! Nothing to do with Campbell Amusements!!! – no relation, zero, none! They are simply guests of the hotel, contractors perhaps doing business in your city!

  23. Those workers live on site for the most part and while they are here that parking lot is their home. If they aren’t working their time is their own to do with as they please. Sometimes some of these do-gooders need to back off and let others lead their lives. As long as these guys aren’t drunk or drinking on the job it’s nobodies business what they are doing. At least they aren’t getting bombed and driving all over town like some of our own fair citizens.. Cut ’em some slack, wouldn’t want their jobs at all…4 cans of beer in 20 minutes ???? kinda doubtful but maybe…

  24. Yet another reason why I don’t go or bring my family to that rickety and money suckin place. They do have the right to do what they want if they are not working, but what happens if one of them get called to work a ride to cover someone’s break.

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