Cycling is Safer with Queen Street Bike Lanes


The implementation of bike lanes along Queen Street East is making cycling safer and convenient for Sault Ste. Marie riders.

The City’s addition of bike lanes between Pim Street and Gravelle Street was part of the conversion of Queen Street East from 4 to 3 lanes, with a dedicated centre turn lane.

“The new bike lanes, identified with an image of a bicycle and white diamond, will make it easier for both cyclists and motorists to share the road, and reduce roadway conflicts,” says City Planner, Steve Turco. “The painting of the bike lane markings is still underway with completion anticipated in June, weather permitting.”

The general public is reminded that bike lanes (1.5m-1.8m in width) are reserved for bicycles, including e-bikes. Motorcycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, and pedestrians are not permitted in the lane.

Cyclists and motorists can visit for info on the proper use of bike lanes.

General guidelines for vehicular traffic:
Motor vehicles, with the exception of buses at designated stops and refuse/recycling collection vehicles, are not permitted to drive, park, or stop in a bike lane.

Motorists may cross a bike lane to turn right at an intersection or access a driveway.

Motorists should not use the left turn lane as a passing lane to pass a moving vehicle.


  1. I really love the bike lanes. I use them all the time for my e-bike, long boarding and bicycling. The streets can be a bit more safer for everyone now. We can also worry less about vehicles trying to pass.

    It also makes sense because this helps keep the “boardwalk/ bike paths” all connected. Now we just need more around town 😀

  2. I drive by Queen Ste E every day,these bike lanes are an inconvenience to the homeowners.They are terrible for delivery and service people have to stop and make deliveries.

    The sad part about this is the majority have to be inconvenienced by a few cyclists.It would have made more sense to have the bike lanes on side streets rather than a main artery.

    The problem with Queen E and the ridiculous bike lanes is the long waits to try and get on to Queen from side streets.There was no real thought put into this.

    It is a wonderful thing to have bike lanes ,you have to use common sense when implementing them.
    These bike lanes were part of someones personal agenda that affects a lot of people in a harmful way.

  3. I’m sorry, but I drove down Queen and was shaking my head that the city spent all this money for the Queen st bike lanes. And there was a guy – riding his bike on the sidewalk anyway. With the lack of affordable housing, and elderly care sorely lacking I think all this money for the bike lanes could have been well spent where there is more need. Just my opinion.

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