DJ Seith and CONiKA Release CDs


DJ Seith and CONiKA chose the same night to release their new CDs at the Gore Street Cafe. CONiKA’s CD won’t be available for at least another month but it will be announced when it’s ready.

Although small, Gore Street Cafe was crowded with their fans who wanted to hear and purchase the CDs.
Gore Street Cafe is a relatively new eatery that has breakfast available all day, daily specials, and brunch on Saturday and Sunday. They are opened at 10 daily except on Wednesday when they are closed.

DJ Seith’s new mixtape, titled “The Motor Mix”, is an eclectic blend of mind-bending psych rock, crunchy boom-bap drums, swirling Moog compositions and snippets from road gang movies. The mix was created to be the cinematic soundtrack to the listener’s driving experience, whether it be a one-lane highway under the stars, an impromptu bob-and-weave through city traffic at noon, or a high-speed 80’s movie police chase.

CONiKA’s much anticipated “My Crooked Smile” EP paints a vivid picture of Northern Ontario urban life from the perspective of a young indigenous woman raised on hip-hop, punk, and metal.