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As residents in the Sault & District of Algoma consider the marvelous weather component in planning for May long weekends’ outdoor pursuits, there is little doubt that yard and garden maintenance is factored in for some. Should gardening and yard maintenance be on your radar, remember to leave some space in the garden for plants grown by the Sault Ste. Marie Horticultural Society (SSMHS).

20150515_101338The Annual Spring Plant Sale is coming up fast. Saturday, May 23rd,2015 at The Allard St. Community Garden. 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. Proceeds from the annual plant sale help to sustain the work of the SSMHS and the many community development initiatives they undertake. Master Gardeners et al have been busy at The Heritage Canal site greenhouse. The SSMHS, in partnership with the Heritage Canal site, and the City of SSMarie, has been supporting the gardens and flower beds at The Canal site and various places in and around The Sault. They create and enhance green spaces with pops of colour and varieties of plants. And that is what you can expect at the SSMHS Plant Sale on Sat. May 23rd. Variety. Lush gorgeous varieties of beautiful flowers, basils, and more herbs for the culinary gardener. Marigolds, Gladiolas, Nasturtiums, seedlings, annuals, perennials, shrubbery, and even Quinoa. A treasure trove for your garden or yard.

Halina Peltonen and a dedicated group of volunteer gardeners, on various ends of the spectrum for knowledge on plant pathology, come together in the historical greenhouse at the Heritage Canal District site. They have been seeding, nurturing, aerating, tamping down, transplanting, more nurturing, transporting, re-potting, watering, lights, camera, action. All of the efforts and expertise that lives at The Canal Greenhouse will be on sale May 23rd at the Allard St. Community Garden location, rain or shine. Yes. Clean North will be there with a display of Rainbarrels and Bathouses and more.

Halina Peltonen will host Arts on Wheels at the Allard St. Community Garden site on May 23rd. Young people are invited to participate in a hands-on gardening experience. “When children are exposed to gardening, and physically touching and moving earth, seeing the root systems, placing a seedling into potting soil, they are open to the process. All of these experiences with seedlings, and plants leave a young person with an appreciation of nature. The plant world is a gardeners best teacher.” adding “It doesn’t matter how old or young a person is.”


Arts on Wheels, a volunteer driven project, is something that Halina feels passionately about. “We had over 300 children and families come up to the craft area over the Mother’s Day weekend, at the Station Mall.” Arts on Wheels provided an interactive area for young people to work on a Mother’s Day craft. Sponsorship of this innovative, experiential, grassroots community endeavour is needed to keep resources replenished. If a person, or business is so inclined, Halina Peltonen can be reached at [email protected]


SSMHS members will be on site at The Annual Plant Sale to answer questions, and generally dish about all things plants, Suzanne Hanna, among them.


Mark the date. Saturday, May 23rd. 8:00 am – noon. Allard St. Community Garden site. (adjacent to Canadian Red Cross bldg.)

Thank you to Halina Peltonen for the grand greenhouse tour.

Two ‘green thumbs’ up to all of the dedicated members of Sault Ste. Marie Horticultural Society. It may not be easy ‘being green’. But it’s so worth it.

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