High Times at Bellevue Park


At approximately 11:00 pm on May 19th, City Police attended to the Bellevue Park area regarding suspicious activity in the area. Further investigation revealed 2 persons in a parked vehicle allegedly smoking marihuana.

Officers were able to detect a strong odour of marihuana coming from the vehicle and further observations enabled them to locate a bong in the back seat of the vehicle as well as a bag of marihuana in the vehicle.

Charged with possession of a controlled substance was 18 year old Hannah Derrer of 139 Stanley St. as well as 19 year old Ty Cobb of 89 Birch Point Dr. in Echo Bay. They will be appearing in Provincial Court on June 22nd.


  1. Awww c’mon! What happened to the days where a cop just took the pot (and bong if present) gave them a serious talking to and let them go. It wasn’t crack, they weren’t smoking pills like most kids in this town. Now they aren’t going to be able to travel into the US, deal with a rap sheet forever, just stupid. Hope someones Dad can get a good lawyer and beat one of the charges at least for one of them. And I don’t like how police say ‘a bag of..” a bag could be a gram, a pound, how much did they have in the car? I suspect since the weight wasn’t released it wasn’t much. I feel sorry for these kids. That’s just my opinion.

  2. These are not kids – they are 18 and 19 and considered adults possessing and consuming what is currently an illegal substance and quite likely going to operate a motor vehicle afterwards. Event if/when pot is legalised, a person altering their state of consciousness with whatever substance AND is behind the wheel, is irresponsible and a danger to others.

  3. A law is a law, whether you think it’s fair or not. I kinda wonder what they may have got into before their names could be published???

  4. Pot may be illegal..for now. .. but this town is full of Lil scum bag thieves. .stole my bike. .I’m out 3 G’s.. would be nice if they found that. .instead of giving young kids a rap sheet for smoking a natural plant. ..

  5. Guessing it is because pot is illegal and when they were done smoking it they would be driving on city streets putting not only their own lives in jeopardy but ours and our families as well.

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