Blitz Target Precarious Employment Violations

Employment Standards

Ontario will target violations of minimum wage, overtime pay, meal breaks and other worker entitlements during two simultaneous enforcement blitzes at workplaces across Ontario this spring and early summer.

From May 1 to July 31, 2015, Ministry of Labour employment standards officers will visit workplaces such as restaurants and other establishments that employ:

  • New, young and vulnerable workers engaged in “precarious employment” and
  • Temporary foreign workers engaged in all types of employment arrangements

Employment standards officers will check that employers are complying with key requirements of Ontario’s Employment Standards Act (ESA).

Precarious employment refers to work that is seasonal, part-time or temporary. Precarious work is unlike a traditional employment that typically involves a full-time, permanent arrangement with one employer. Ensuring employers adhere to Ontario’s standards is part of the province’s continued commitment to protect vulnerable workers.

Since June 2012, six province-wide inspection blitzes have focused on employment standards.