Just a Month Ago…

Noon hour on April 2, 2015 - a new blanket of snow for the Sault

It’s hard to imagine that we were still in winter mode just a month ago.  A disturbance on April 2, 2015 brought us cold and snow – about 5cm worth.

Funny what a month can do. All of the snow is now gone, with the exception of areas north of the city, where some snow still remains in the bush areas.

This past week saw temperatures climb to 20c and that trend will continue for most of this week with the wrinkle being Monday as a cold front pushes through dropping temperatures to about 11c with a promise of potential rain and thunderstorms developing along the front.

Sunday’s high is expected to reach the low to mid 20’s , thunderstorm could develop sometime after Midnight and linger into the morning. Temperatures will rebound starting Tuesday and lasting through the week with a possible shower or two along the way.

By the way, the highest temperature recorded on this date was 25.6 way back in 1949.  The coldest temperature for May 3 was in 1984 at just -5c  and believe it or not in 1966 the Sault received over 10cm of  snow on this date, and that same year the Sault still had about 3cm of snow on the ground to boot!  In Sault Ste. Marie on May3rd, there is a 38% chance of seeing some sort of precipitation .






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