Local author Honours David Letterman the “Betterman!”


A Toast for a Talk-Show HostAfter maintaining an incredible 22‐year run on the “Late Show,” David Letterman is ready to leave the late-­night landscape for retirement on May 20th. Inspired fan, born and raised Saultite, author Dale Lutes could not be more honoured to announce to Letterman her first book: “A Toast to a Talk-­‐Show Host.” The parody was inspired by the sensational, fun, loving Letterman who captured the hearts of millions, only to become a phenomenon internationally. Letterman’s humour was limitless, crossing continents, bypassing borders. Riptides of happiness spread like wildfire across the globe as fans were razzle-­dazzled nightly with his brilliant one‐liners.

After experiencing health challenges, Lutes embarked on a path promoting health and wellness. While watching Letterman, Lutes also recognized the power of humour to heal. As celebrities wiped away tears at the announcement of David’s retirement, Lutes reflected on the happiness he brought into her life and the lives of others. Lutes decided to extend her appreciation to Letterman and as a sign of gratitude, wrote the parody, which can be purchased at both Coles locations and online: http://toasttoahost.com/

This tribute honours David Letterman, the Master of Laughter. This unique book is suitable for all ages and stages. Parents can have fun as they share it with their children and grandchildren. Children can laugh as they read it to their parents! Quite simply, it serves as a reminder to “Put Humour on Your Horizon.”

Lutes is passionate about sharing her work with the public, especially after celebrating Mother’s Day. David often shares love for his mother with his comical, upbeat style in a similar manner that Lutes shares with her own mother. In fact, Lutes and her mother spent hours laughing at the rhymes together. This book also highlights Lutes’ creative writing talent. She has loved writing since childhood and intends to publish a series of children’s books fostering well‐being.

Whenever you miss David, flip through the pages of “A Toast to a Talk-­‐Show Host” and reflect on his magical moments. The publication serves to commemorate a legend that forever changed late-­night television with humour and class! Remember, “Never act your age. It’s the new rage.” David didn’t and we love him!